Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen – A Few of My Favorite Internet Things

websiteiconsbysvilen0011010995_8-T13The internet is chock-full of useful things, but here are a few random favorites that make my daily internet use more pleasant:

  1. Meebo – Firefox Add-on: All your IM accounts in one place.
  2. Feed Sidebar – Firefox Add-on: Displays items from your Live Bookmarks in a sidebar.
  3. Colorful Tabs – Firefox Add-on: Colors every tab and makes them easy to to distinguish (makes it pretty, too.)
  4. Read It Later – Firefox Add-on: Save web pages to read later without cluttering your Bookmarks Menu.
  5. GoodSearch– Give to your charity of choice just by searching the internet.
  6. The Hunger Site – Your clicks help others.
  7. Smart Bookmarks Bar – Firefox Add-on: Turns your bookmarks bar into a tidy little row of icons so there’s room for more.
  8. Addblock Plus – Firefox Add-on: Get rid of all those annoying ads and banners.
  9. – I tried Blogger but I love my WordPress.
  10. Lolcats– I start my day with coffee and a laugh
  11. Stock.xchng– I love this site. A fantastic resource for free photos and inspiration with simple terms of use. I found today’s image there.
  12. Flickr-Another great resource of photos and inspiration. You can do an advanced search and find content free to use with a Creative Commons license.
  13. Photobucket– The photo editor is so handy.

What are some of your favorite useful internet things?

Image: Svilen Mushkatov

12 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen – A Few of My Favorite Internet Things”

  1. #7 and #8 sound handy. I just installed (last night, in fact) the twitterfox thing. So far it’s kind of cool. I may have to look into those others, though!

    Great list!

  2. I have firefox too, but some of those I have never heard of.

    Good informative TT.


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