Aoife’s Dragon

Aoife's Dragon, a fantasy romance by Babette James



Hunted Hearts Series

Conall’s Huntress – Book 1 
Meara’s Hero – Book 2
Fergal’s Enchantress – Book 3 – Coming Soon
Aoife’s Dragon – Book 4
Darach’s Mermaid – Book 5
Treasa’s Pirate – Book 6


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Cahan stole another kiss of her ear, another nip and tug of her earlobe. “You’re mine.”
Aoife pulled back. “You think far too highly of yourself.”
“Not at all.” Humor glinted in his hungry eyes. “I think that highly of you.”
She blinked at him.
“Let me court you, and I will give you anything you desire.” His whisper curled around her heart. “Anything… everything…”
“Father, Grandfather, they, they…” She actually didn’t know them well enough to be sure what they might think of such a thing. Her and a stranger, her and a Dragonkind…
His smile grew, as if she had already capitulated. “Let me worry about your family. Is there any suitor that I should know about?”
“No,” she blurted. “No, there is no other.”
No one here. No one back in Uaran had wanted her like this before. The men there only wanted her for the connection to Grandmother Clidna, and Grandmother Clidna had dangled her like bait.
Wait, what was she doing encouraging him like this? The surprise and pleasure of his attention had her completely flustered. “And I don’t wish one either.”
He laughed. “Too late.”
And then she thought she heard him mutter, “For either of us.”


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