Conall’s Huntress

Conall's Huntress, a fantasy romance by Babette James

Digital ISBN 978-0-9862513-9-9
Print ISBN 978-0-9862513-8-2

Etaine Sabha hunts half-fae warrior Conall mac Guaire, seeking revenge for her murdered brother and kidnapped nephew, but when her wily former lover springs his own trap the huntress becomes the prey.

Now Conall just needs to stay alive long enough to clear away the magic, secrets, and lies clouding the truth of her brother’s life and death—but revealing all is a risk he’s willing to take to win back Etaine’s love.

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Hunted Hearts Series

Conall’s Huntress – Book 1
Meara’s Hero – Book 2
Fergal’s Enchantress – Book 3 – Coming Soon
Aoife’s Dragon- Book 4
Darach’s Mermaid – Book 5
Treasa’s Pirate – Book 6


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Etaine’s dazed spring-green eyes flared into alert, fiery hatred.

Ah, well, in truth he deserved much of that wrath, and he’d best leave nothing sharp near to hand until they’d completed their talk. Conall flicked the blade into the nearest tree, and for caution’s sake, plastered the hilt and her quiver of arrows to the trunk with a healthy measure of ice.

Despite his wary frustration and her wrath, his foolish heart eagerly embraced hope, temptation won, and he stole another kiss. With all deliberation, he poured every tender feeling he carried for her into the caress of his mouth over her lush rose lips. Hard and aching for her, he longed to forget the griefs that brought them here and just fill his hands with her softness.

Coaxing her lips to open to his, he stroked his free hand over her silky brown hair bound tight away in braids.

Ah, my heart, time to remember the love we shared. Time to clear away the fog of lies between us.

She shuddered beneath him, her tense mouth softening a fraction.


And then she bit his lip, hard.

He jerked back, licking at his wounded lip, but grinned as he locked eyes with his spitting-mad soulmate.


As his mind stumbled over that surprise, a thrill coursed his veins. Aye, what other explanation could there be for this pull between them?

Etaine bucked violently. “Get off me, you lying, cursed mongrel! Murderer! Thief!”


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