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Writing Prompt – Dangerous Garden

Dangerous Garden 3303461969_e867c064b5_b-med

What you see and hear depends a good deal on where you are standing; it also depends on what kind of a person you are.” ~ C. S. Lewis

I was thinking about viewpoint the other day, trying to decide how to approach a scene that is necessary in both Missing Magic and More Than Magic, the first two stories in my series. I know who I want for the viewpoint characters, but I was struggling over how to make the event, which will first be seen in Missing Magic, fresh and not simply an info rehash in More Than Magic. I needed to see the event through the characters’ eyes and filter it through their emotions and goals. Each character will note different details and leave with their own personal impression of the event.

What do you do when you have the same event shown in two separate stories?

Writing Prompt: In the intriguing photo above, we have two characters: the woman and the unseen observer of the woman. For our writing prompt today, write a 250+ word scene for each viewpoint character.

Why is the woman looking out into the garden? She is seen in the moment of turning, why? Is this her garden or is she an intruder? Why is she carrying a sword? (Or for you folks writing more modern stories, any weapon of your choice.) Who is behind her, watching, and why are they watching her? Does she know she is being watched? Whose viewpoint is more truthful to the facts? What details in the scene are important to her? What ones are important to the watcher?

Photo: Mathew Reder, MReder Design, CC BY 2.0

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