Darach’s Mermaid

Darach's Mermaid, a fantasy romance by Babette James

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Hunted Hearts Series

Conall’s Huntress – Book 1 
Meara’s Hero – Book 2
Fergal’s Enchantress – Book 3 – Coming Soon
Aoife’s Dragon – Book 4
Darach’s Mermaid – Book 5
Treasa’s Pirate – Book 6


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Oh, good, you have woken. Please, I beg you, stay where you are. The sweet, gentle voice whispered into his head. I am coming. I will explain everything.
He grabbed a rock and backed into the corner of the rocky alcove.
I am not armed. A slim webbed hand parted the kelp.
So much like Fionnuala’s hand.
I am not Fionnuala.
Wide indigo eyes peered at him from a worried, breathtakingly lovely Merrow face with soft pink lips, pale cheeks, and braided blonde hair. Delicate gills fluttered along her neck. He blinked at the haunting resemblance in facial shape to Fionnuala. Like enough to Fionnuala, and to Fionnuala’s mother to be sisters. But Fionnuala had only brothers. Was this woman a cousin, aunt, some other relation?
I do not know a Fionnuala. I will not hurt you.
He lowered his hand, but kept his grip on the rock. He needed explanations before he willingly released his only weapon.
She peek her head further through the kelp curtain. I understand. This is all my fault, but I could not let you die. I’m so sorry.


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