Monday Cheer

Monday Cheer – How Was My Day?

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I completely forgot to do my post for Sunday. Sorry. As for why, well, I’ve been busy, not just goofing off.

I put an intense amount of time this weekend into straightening out my outlines for Missing Magic and More Than Magic so I can fix the timeline for the series (and write a synopsis) and wrote 6300 words since Friday! The upside of reviewing both stories is that seeing I have some pretty darned good parts cheered me up. Downside is now I have lots more work to do. Events in MM and MTM overlap just enough to cause a headache on which scene and viewpoint should go in which story and I can’t decide how I want to handle it yet. Snaithan’s story line is important in both stories’ overlap. MM is getting looong, but I believe it needs those scenes. MTM could use those very same scenes but I don’t want too much rehash even if I do present them in another viewpoint. So, a very loud AARGH!, a fresh cup of coffee, and now I will get back to work.

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