Deeper Than Bone, Mayke It Happen, Missing Magic

Mayke It Happen – Week 7

Mood: Up and down. Well, DTB, which is supposed to be the story I complete in MIHC remains at a dead standstill, while Missing Magic, the story I didn't think I could finish is three and a half chapters from being a complete draft. I blasted through a few stuck chapters and filled in holes… Continue reading Mayke It Happen – Week 7

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt – I Dare You

This writing prompt idea comes from a chat group during Nanowrimo where we would challenge each other to include some unexpected object or phrase in our story. It was surprising and fun to see how different people could use the same dare in wildly different ways, inspiring new directions in our plot that we might never… Continue reading Writing Prompt – I Dare You

Mayke It Happen

Mayke It Happen Progress – Week 6

Mood: Frustrated with DTB. Happy with MM. No progress on DTB this past week. I've had some good thoughts on Missing Magic and so I've been focused on striking while the iron is hot on that story. I am so close to being done with Missing Magic. I was quite elated with the progress yesterday… Continue reading Mayke It Happen Progress – Week 6