Mayke It Happen

Mayke It Happen – I Made It!

Mood: Weirdly elated. Well, I did it. I finished the 60k this morning. And I finished the draft of Missing Magic this evening, ending the challenge with a total of 63,198. It's not perfectly finished. This is so definitely a first draft with logic, timing and other errors just crying to be fixed. But I… Continue reading Mayke It Happen – I Made It!

Deeper Than Bone, Mayke It Happen, Missing Magic

Mayke It Happen – Week 9

Mood: Encouraged I've been making very good progress on Missing Magic over the weekend. I should be able to finish Missing Magic and reach the 60k in word count without a problem, but the word count will be split between the two stories. I need to decide which direction to take DTB. Once I finish… Continue reading Mayke It Happen – Week 9