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Writing Prompt – She’s With Him??!

In our hearts, our character couples are always perfect for each other, but then there are those couples who, despite the given of a Happily Ever After (it is a Romance, after all) seem so impossibly mismatched ,  the determined attraction they have for one another is a surprise. This is wonderful grist for drama,… Continue reading Writing Prompt – She’s With Him??!

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Thursday Thirteen – Character Theme Music

I was procrastinating from writing and playing around with playlists again and found music that went well with my characters or scenes they are in. So here's my thirteen for today: Annie - One Man's Dream by Yanni Finn - Fides (Belief) by Lesiem Niell - Misconstruction by Apocalyptica Tala - Celtic Legend by Paul… Continue reading Thursday Thirteen – Character Theme Music

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Writing Prompt – Pretty in Pink or Warrior Woman?

I was giving serious thought to one of my heroines this week in contrast to some of the heroines I have been reading and watching in movies lately. Unlike those intrepid women, my heroine is not an amazon and the call to her adventure has  been thrust upon her rather than accepted. While she won't… Continue reading Writing Prompt – Pretty in Pink or Warrior Woman?