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Writing Prompt – She’s With Him??!

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In our hearts, our character couples are always perfect for each other, but then there are those couples who, despite the given of a Happily Ever After (it is a Romance, after all) seem so impossibly mismatched ,  the determined attraction they have for one another is a surprise. This is wonderful grist for drama, suspense and most certainly comedy.

Writing Prompt: Write a 250+ word scene from any character’s viewpoint giving insight into the hero’s and heroine’s apparent mismatch. This could be a negative opinion, or a epiphany of the connection between them. This could add a light moment to a dark story, or further jeopardize their success.

Who are your favorite romantic mismatches?

3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt – She’s With Him??!”

  1. I couldn’t come up with anyone but I like Autumn’s Sonny and
    Cher comments. They are so true.

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