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Interview With Amy Jarecki, Author of Chihuahua Momma

Chihuahua Momma, a fun contemporary romance by Amy JareckiI’m delighted to have author Amy Jarecki here today for an interview and a look at her new contemporary romance, Chihuahua Momma.

Thank you for being my guest! Tell us a little about Chihuahua Momma:

Hi, Babette! Thank you for having me. Chihuahua Momma is a fun contemporary romance published by Turquoise Morning Press, available now in eBook, and the paperback release is slated for mid-September.


In the frenetic world of canine pageants like Westminster, where dog hair flies and personalities diverge, Rebecca Lee remains in a cocoon of loneliness. Widowed, with two teenaged kids and a business to run, Rebecca would rather mow through five-hundred poodle cuts than think about dating. But when former quarterback Matt Johnson shows up to buy a Chihuahua, his irresistible grin rocks her world—until Matt’s ex decides she wants him back and Rebecca’s daughter decides she’s against her mom dating. Rebecca now has a choice—crawl back into her realm of dogs or fight for the powerful love that fills her soul.

What inspired this story?

My daughter used to show dogs in 4-H. She begged me to buy our first show dog—a Chihuahua, but then she got her driver’s license and a job. I ended up showing him and another little female. I earned AKC championships with both, and thus emerged this story.

What are you working on now? Do you have any releases scheduled for this year?

Lots going on. My last five manuscripts have been Scottish historicals. Upcoming releases:

Virtue – Release date, Dec. 1, 2013 A contemporary romantic suspense—Dancers, Cruise Ships, a Mayan Temple and the Prophecy of the Golden Goddess.

Rescued by the Celtic Warrior – Takes place during the Roman occupation of Britannia, Release August, 2014

Celtic Maid – Sequel to Rescued – Release Dec. 2014

Look for future announcements about my Highlanders of Raasay series…

What are your writing goals for this year?

I went to Scotland in May to research my next series…the good news…I found it! I’m finishing up book 3 in the Highlanders of Raasay series, and then will start plotting the new stuff. I hope to get three to four books written in the next calendar year.

How do you come up with ideas?

I do a ton of research. I take actual events from life and history and expand on them (a lot).

Where do you start when writing? Research, plotting, character, or…?

I usually start with a one-liner idea, then I research the heck out of it, then I develop my characters using a 3-page character profile sheet I came up with a gazillion years ago.

What is the best thing about being an author?

I get to make stuff up and spend my days in another world.

What did you learn from writing your first book or what do you wish you’d known before becoming published?

My editor is my best friend.

What is your favorite scene from this story and why?

Oh gosh, I have a ton of favorite scenes…but one always makes me laugh. The hero goes into a bridal shop with the heroine’s son to buy a prom dress for the heroine’s daughter. Both men are big football players, and…well…they’re sort of out of place in a bridal shop.

How do you balance writing and everyday life?

Oh no, I don’t balance anything. My husband thinks I’m a hermit…but an adorable one!

What is your favorite food?


What do you like to read?


Do you listen to music while you write? What are you listening to now?

I listen to Celtic Harp music, Handel and Bach. I’m a music nerd.

Who first introduced you to the love of reading?

My mother, God bless her.

What don’t most people know about you but you would like to share?

I used to be a professional ballet dancer.

These are few of my favorite things:

1. Chihuahuas

2. Reading

3. Traveling to Scotland

And Amy has a question for you all: So, what do you think about heat levels in romances? Do you agree with the big publishers that things need to be hot? Do you think the “erotic” trend will cool off?


Like all males, this one was a sucker for a back massage and he leaned into her skilled hands with a blissful moan. He arched his back when she found that “spot” and Rebecca chuckled at the dog’s leg-shaking response. She glanced in the mirror over the stainless steel doggie bath. The steam always made Rebecca’s red hair frizz and it tickled her cheeks as she worked suds into the Powder Puff Chinese Crested.

With her teenaged kids at school, Rebecca sang along to the tune of “Uptown Girl” booming from the light-rock station. She sounded pretty good and blasted out the words she knew, substituting “doggie paws” where her memory failed.

Rebecca took her hand off the Crested to swipe the encroaching frizz out of her eyes. Of course the dog took advantage of the freedom and shook, splattering her with water and suds. “Darn you little rascal.” She twitched as doggie bath water dribbled down her face. Glancing at the mirror, she dabbed her cheeks with her shirt sleeve. The suds in her hair would have to wait.

As she reached for the warm water spray hose, a muffled doorbell rang. Her eyes shot to a plastic black-and-white Chihuahua clock, its tail wagging to the tick of each half-second. Damn, ten minutes early and he’s at the wrong door. Can’t people read the sign? She fastened the grooming loop on the Crested and folded up the side panel of the bath to ensure the dog’s safety.

Dashing from her studio, she opened the door of her Southern New Jersey home. With a sharp jolt, her breath caught as a friendly grin and sky-blue eyes gazed down at her. “Hi, I’m Matt Johnson.”

Rebecca stood motionless. Her mouth hung open, her mind unable to focus.


A Giveaway!

I’m giving away two eBook copies on Goodreads

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Amy Jarecki, author of the contemporary romance, Chihuahua Momma
Bio: Amy lives in Southwest Utah with her husband Bob and three adorable Chihuahuas. Born in Alturas, California, she holds an MBA from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. Amy loves dancing, hiking, golfing, but above all, she is a true Chihuahua Momma. You can visit her website at

You can also find Amy at:


Goodreads Page:

Amazon Author Page:

You can can find Chihuahua Momma at:

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  1. Hi Babette! Thank you so much for letting me visit your site. I love how you’ve organized it! Oh yes, and a note on my giveaway. When I was putting it up, I discovered Goodreads doesn’t allow eBook giveaways. Since the Chihuahua Momma paperback doesn’t come out until September, the giveaway will start on August 15th!

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