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Cleaning the Bookshelf – Guest Post by Tina Gabrielle

I’m delighted to have fellow New Jersey Romance Writers member and award winning author Tina Gabrielle as my guest today! Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win in her giveaway.

First let me thank Babette James for inviting me to blog. It’s wonderful to be here! I’m Tina Gabrielle, and I write adventurous historical romances for Kensington Books.

This spring I decided to clean the bookshelves in my office. I have dozens and dozens of romance novels that I have collected over the years at conferences, book signings, and purchased at bookstores. I dedicated two entire shelves to the books that I’ve read and loved.

With a little encouragement from my husband, I decided to “thin out” my shelves. So I started with an empty box that I intended to fill and donate to my local library. I removed some of my favorites—books I’ve reread two, three, and yes, even four times. I filled the box and then some. Trudging down the stairs, I put all my old treasures by the door for my brave trip to the library.

But my good intentions didn’t last long. On my way to bed that night I passed the door and succumbed to temptation. I couldn’t help myself. I removed one of the books from the box and started scanning the pages. Yes, you guessed it. I started reading it again. It was Dark Lover by J.R. Ward, my favorite paranormal romance author. Next thing I knew I took out another book from the box and then another. Historical romances by Julie Garwood and Virginia Henley, contemporaries by Nora Roberts and Jayne Ann Krentz.

My husband sighed and smiled at me. He understands me so well. I just couldn’t do it. Slowly, one by one I removed my treasures from the box and somehow they found their way back on my shelves. I wasn’t a complete hoarder. I did donate about a dozen books. I was proud I made it to the library the next day!

As a historical romance author, my ultimate wish is that one of my books makes it onto someone’s keeper shelf. What could be better?

So tell me: How many books do you have on your bookshelf? Which ones do you refuse to part with?

For a chance to win a signed copy of IN THE BARRISTER’S CHAMBERS, just leave a comment. Good luck!

My new Regency Barrister series, In the Barrister’s Chambers and In The Barrister’s Bed, are about four sexy barristers and the women who wreak havoc in their chambers and steal their hearts. Here’s a sneak peek at both Barrister Books:

Romance, Historical Romance, Regency Romance,IN THE BARRISTER’S CHAMBERS

Courting Danger

Lady Evelyn Darlington’s first love was the law. But since a woman scholar meets nothing but ridicule from men, she has given up and chosen a future husband. Randolph seems adequate for the task: to provide intelligent conversation and not annoy her too much. Of course, before they can be engaged, she’ll have to do something about the murder charge hanging over his head. If only London’s top barrister wasn’t Jack Harding, object of all her unattainable girlhood fantasies…

And Seducing Scandal…

Jack Harding remembers Evelyn well—but the idea that the gorgeous woman standing before him is little Evie, the professor’s daughter, is incredible. He knows better than to enter a business relationship when he wants to pursue pleasure. Yet however desirable she is now, Evie is still Evie—stubborn, smart, and never willing to take no for an answer. Even though proving her fiancé’s innocence might just cost her her own…

Romance, Historical Romance, Regency Romance,IN THE BARRISTER’S BED

A Hotly Contested Claim

A bastard by birth, James Devlin lives on his own terms—until a twist of fate reveals that he is the true Duke of Blackwood. Though the brooding bachelor swears to hold on to his freedom, he does intend to take back his childhood home. But once at Wyndmoor Manor, he discovers an arresting adversary in Bella Sinclair. Her hot-blooded claim to his home is amusing…and arousing. Which is why he isn’t leaving until he takes possession of everything—starting with the bewitching Bella…

A Sensual Surrender

Bella is furious when the Duke barges into her home, declaring it rightfully his! The willful widow is not about to give up her haven without a fight, no matter how determined the Duke is—or how sensual the battlefield. But once she’s sharing a house with the beguiling barrister, she is in danger of losing everything—one deep, slow kiss at a time…

Romance, Historical Romance, Regency Romance,Bio: Tina Gabrielle, an award-winning author, is an attorney and former mechanical engineer whose love of reading for pleasure helped her get through years of academia. After multi-publishing for a prestigious Law Journal, she fulfilled her dream of writing fiction. She is the author of In The Barrister’s Bed, In The Barrister’s Chambers, Lady Of Scandal, and A Perfect Scandal from Kensington Books.

Visit her at:




Romance, Historical Romance, Regency Romance,

Romance, Historical Romance, Regency Romance,

12 thoughts on “Cleaning the Bookshelf – Guest Post by Tina Gabrielle”

  1. Hey Tina (and Babette), I too have trouble getting rid of books. I think especially because I read a lot of series books (ex. Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld), and as such if I am going to throw away one I might as well throw them all away. In which case…throw them ALL away???? No way!!!

  2. Hi Tina, I must be more of a book hoarder than I thought, because as I read about the books you were giving away, the ones you’ve read multiple times, I was horrified! I can’t get rid of those books! There are others I don’t mind parting with, ones I’ve read once and know I’ll never read again, but the ones I read multiple times? Never!

  3. I have so many unread books that they won’t all fit on my tiny bookshelf so they are stacked around my sewing room. The one book I won’t part with is an original hardbound book of Gone With The Wind that my grandmother had. I’ve read it twice so far.

  4. I have too many books. Atleast that is what my husband says. I have just a little over 400 books. I have my own big 6 tier shelf that has the most on it. About 200 and those are my favs. Like JR Ward, Laurell K Hamilton-she has her own shelf with both Anita Blake & Meredith Gentry, Jeaniene Frost, Kat Martin, and all my good-dirty books like Maya Banks, Sylvia Day, EL James, and Lauren Dane. I have one shelf that has all my unread books on it and the other half has my historical romances. Then one shelf that has paranormal and comtemporary romances. I just went through all my books and got rid of 3 books of books(almost 100 books) and gonna sell them at the yard sale. I definitely keep all my favs and all my re-reads. Also keep my series and favorite authors. Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. I don’t dare count how many books I have. When we moved most recently, my dh actually assigned me a library, and I dutifully filled the shelves (expecting to have space for pictures and other little fascinating things), alphabetizing everything. Well. First of all, too often I couldn’t remember the author’s name, just what the jacket or cover looked like, and that involved long searches. I also had no room for anything but books, and when I added more books (which of course I did), so now the library is even fuller because there are books lying sideways on top of the books shelved properly, in more of less the correct alphabetical area. I think it was then I retreated to a Kindle. I can read books from now until the cows come home, and there is NOTHING to shelve. Only if there is important artwork or photographs do I purchase an actual object now. Highly recommend it.

    Of course, National is coming up . . .

    1. Ah, National. It’s like free candy at the candy store for a kid! Each year I swear I won’t ship home boxes of books, but I can never resist. I do like the Kindle, but there is something about holding a book in my hands…

  6. I have an entire bedroom I turned into a library. It’s filled mostly with books by favorite authors, but there are also a couple of TBR shelves. I have one entire bookcase devoted to regencies. While I read many mysteries and paranormals, regencies are my “comfort” books. 🙂
    I capped my print purchases when the room was full and…pretty much I’ve stuck to that. I’m now busy filling two kindles, and I can’t even count how many I have on there.

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