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Character Interview – Jessica Mankiller from Eternal Nights by V.S. Nelson

V.S. Nelson is my guest today along with Jessica Mankiller, the heroine from the latest episode in her Sekhmet’s Guardian series, Eternal Nights. Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win in her giveaway!

Jessica’s story is quite unusual. Jessica, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself, how you came to be and what the book, Eternal Nights, is about?

Jessica: I was born five years after my sister Jennifer, the heroine from Eternal Lovers, book one of the series. My mother gave birth to me then left me with my grandmother to care for. They were very poor and barely surviving… I was born premature with weak lungs. Grams, who was a very old medicine woman, did everything she could to keep me breathing. She knew after a couple of days, I was dying. The medicine she used, was not working so she did what some of you might think is unthinkable. You see, she merged my life essence with that of a young wolf pup. By doing that she hoped I would be healed indirectly from the pup. Now Grams had full intention of undoing what she had done once I was better. Sadly, the angels took her before she was able to undo her spell or tell anyone what she had done.
Paranormal Romance, RomanceFor twenty years I remained as I had always been, locked inside Nowaki. Even Jennifer, didn’t know I existed because Grams had placed some protective spell on the wolf, preventing others from sensing my presence.

I was content to go on living and seeing life through the eyes of another until Raphael along with a few friends came to pick Nowaki up at a wolf rescue. One look at him and I knew, he and I were meant to be together. I just had to find a way to make my presence known and find a way to undo what Grams had done. Sounded simple enough at the time—but it wasn’t.

I began to enter Raphael’s dreams at night while he slept. Poor man thought he was going crazy because I was also talking to him through the wolf.

It wasn’t too long after that Raphael and I were out running in the wilderness when he was shot. Nowaki and I avenged our Raphael but not before we, meaning Nowaki and I were hurt pretty bad. As I lay upon his chest, I was convinced the three of us would die together.

Finally, Grams in her ghost form, made an appearance to Jennifer and shared the story of what she had done. Then she asked Jennifer to perform the separation ritual.

Thankfully, the Guardian soldiers and Jennifer found Raphael, Nowaki and I, then brought us back to the lake estate where we both were operated on. I was pretty out of it for a while, but from what I understand, that is when Raphael learned he wasn’t go crazy and that I truly existed.

Once we were well enough, a group of us headed back to where I was born so Jennifer could do the ritual. As you can see, she did manage to complete the ritual, but not without some complications. Those I will remain quiet about—too many spoilers can spoil a great book. Anyway, I became whole for the first time in twenty years and had a lot to learn; like how to walk and eat with silverware… Not so simple for someone who has relied on someone else’s four legs her entire life.

Raphael and I finally mated and are planning on living together forever – making my dream come true.

Jessica, why am I hearing you? I’m not seeing your mouth move?

Jessica: Oh I’m sorry, guess I should have said something before we started the interview. I’ve never been able to speak like other humans but I did inherit one of the Selkie communication traits. You see, I’m able to talk with my mind. From what others have told me, you are hearing my thoughts, just as if I have spoken aloud.

Wow, I didn’t know Selkies could do that! Guess I have a lot to learn.

Jessica: Not all Selkies are able to talk with humans this way; most of them are restricted to using the “mind talk” with animals.

Jessica, I want to thank you for sharing your story with us. I can’t wait to read the book to find out more about you, Raphael and all those other hunks who live at the Guardian compound.

Jessica: Thank you, it’s been fun.

Paranormal Romance, Romance

Eternal Nights – Sekhmet’s Guardians – Book II

Blurb: With each passing day Jessica’s consciousness grew stronger. For twenty years she was content to remain as she was—trapped inside another. The life she led came to an abrupt end the moment she laid eyes on Raphael. At first she suspected they were destined to be together–his gentle touch confirmed it. Although he didn’t know it, he ignited waves of a fiery passion that burned deep into her soul. It became brighter every day, giving her the strength she needed. Somehow she would find a way to free herself from her grandmother’s powerful magic.

It took Jennifer almost two hours to catch up with her sister. There she was sitting on a bolder at the bottom of Lake Michigan. She estimated they were somewhere near Cheboygan, far north of their residence.

“Jessica, don’t run. Please, let’s talk.”

Jessica didn’t even look up. Her arms were wrapped tightly around her shins holding her in place.

I wasn’t running from you. I just had to get away. You will always be in my heart–the sister I once had.

“Jess, there is no reason to run. I think you misunderstood what Raphael said. He loves you–just as you love him. Jess, you’ve never had a life that was truly your own. Can’t you see that he was willing to sacrifice his own happiness for yours by giving you a chance to choose? That is all he meant when he said those things to you. Please Jess, don’t run. Come back with me… talk to him… let him explain. I know you two can work this out.”

“Please Jess.” The soft whisper of Raphael’s voice brought Jennifer’s head around and Jessica’s head up. There standing on the bottom of the lake a few feet from them was Raphael.

Jennifer couldn’t help but laugh–Raphael looked not only pathetic in his misery but looked absolutely ridiculous, fully clothed with his shoes on, at the bottom of the lake.

“I love you Jess. I want to be with you–only you–for all eternity–that is, if you’ll have me.”

Standing up Jessica walked towards him. “I want nothing more. Don’t you know it was you that freed me from Nowaki? I was content to be lost in her until I saw you through her eyes. All it took was one look at you and hearing your voice to know where my place was. All that I am today is because of you. Raphael, I have always belonged to you and will until the day I die. My heart and my soul are yours to command...”

Wrapping her bare arms around him with her chest pressed firmly into his, Jessica’s kiss told Raphael everything he needed know. There was no going back for either one of them. At last, his heart was full, giving his life purpose and meaning. Raphael had spent a life time of eternal nights alone; no longer.

“Go, I’ll find my own way home,” Jennifer said as she watched the two dematerialize.

Eternal Nights is coming soon (May, 2013) You can find Eternal Lovers- Book 1 now at

Paranormal Romance, RomanceBio:
Being a Native American woman and a Scorpio, author V.S. Nelson has always had a fondness for history, mythology, the occult, and the unexplained events which have occurred on this world we call home. It was no wonder she found herself writing a paranormal series.

Raised on authors like H.G. Wells and Jules Verne and coming from a long line of oral storytellers, Ms. Nelson work has been defined as innovative and fresh. She will take you by the hand and lead you into the depths of her imagination as if you are sitting next to her on the couch one minute and alive within her fantasy world the next.

She has always enjoyed reading stories with strong relationships and happy-ever-after-endings and it is reflected in her work. Even her commercial fiction, Sins of a Man, the Memoirs of a Mafia Hit man, is layered with romantic elements. I’ve heard her say she is in love with love more than once and that too is echoed in her stories.

Landing in Arizona, after an exciting teaching career, which took her to the Middle East for several years, she lives in Arizona where she spends most of her time making love to her computer while writing, editing or researching, seven to ten hours a day. The days she’s not writing, you will find her with her critique partners, attending or presenting a workshop or at a RWA (Romance Writers of America) meeting. She’s extremely active in three RWA chapters in addition to her other associations.

She enjoys hearing from readers, fans and people with similar interests. They are more than welcome to contact her through her website

You can find V.S. at:


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