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Interview With Leanne Davis, Author of Poison

Romance, contemporary romantic suspense, Suspense, I’m delighted to welcome fellow Wild Rose Press author Leanne Davis here today.

Hi, Leanne. Tell us a little about your new release, Poison:

Poison is a contemporary romantic suspense available now in kindle edition on Amazon…and everywhere else July 5, 2013. It is the first book in a four part series called the Seaclusion Series, which is based in the small, ocean side town of Seaclusion, Washington. Book #2 of the series, Notorious will be out soon with The Wild Rose Press!


Cassie Reeves betrayed John Tyler a decade ago, but now, John is the only person Cassie can turn to for help protecting her son from her violent ex-husband. John’s quiet life as a small town doctor in Seaclusion, Washington has no place in it for Cassie, her son, or the feelings Cassie’s presence rekindles. John and Cassie’s mutual attraction reignites, despite everything that drove them apart a decade ago, and threatens to destroy them now. No matter how much Cassie has changed, and tried to right her past wrongs, there is no escaping her ex-husband. Cassie knows that only she can end what her ex-husband has started. But will she survive long enough to have a chance at the happiness that has escaped her for so long?

What inspired this story?

I wrote the first version of my characters relationship when they were in high school, all in spiral notebooks when I was just out of high school. Years later I decided to see what I could do with the main characters as adults. I often vacation in the area Seaclusion is based on (Long Beach, Washington). The North Head Lighthouse there is a beautiful tourist destination and one I happened upon on a particularly nasty, stormy day and I began thinking what a creepy setting it was and that it would make an awesome horror movie setting…or perhaps some of my characters could visit there. And so the storyline and setting of Poison started to form in my head. And the picture I took that day of the lighthouse became the basis of the cover for Poison and now tags my website and Facebook author page.

Can you share with us “the call” story?

It was on a Sunday morning at 9:30, I checked my e-mail and there it was…my answer from my editor. My entire family was home…so I snuck into the bathroom to read it…just in case it was a no. I would have been crushed and would have needed a few minutes before I could face telling anyone; especially my oldest daughter had been so excited for me and I did not want to disappoint her. When I found out it was a contract offer I literally was jumping around the bathroom dancing…so maybe it was a good thing no one could see me! Then I burst out and nearly screaming; my book is being published!!

What is the best thing about being an author?

Everything! What better job could there be than sitting down and suddenly being transported into an entirely different world? One in which I have created and unlike real life, I have complete control over. And in releasing my book it has introduced me into wonderful, supportive circles of authors who willingly share with me their tips and tricks…not many industries have competitors who support and help one another like authors. It’s amazing and fun to be a part of it.

What did you learn from writing your first book or what do you wish you’d known before becoming published?

I had to learn everything beyond writing the manuscript. It was a wonderful experience to see where the manuscript started…to where it ended it up after extensive work with the publisher. I loved seeing it be edited, a cover made, a blurb written…and the final copies produced. It was eye opening and humbling to have it all done for my manuscript.
I wish I knew more about promotion! I researched the how’s and what of promotion and many times ran across author’s saying they spent as much time on promotion as writing and I couldn’t quite figure out what it was they did. Now I know! They network, write blog posts and interviews, as they kept up their social platforms, and loops.

What is your favorite scene from this story and why?

The lighthouse scene, which is the basis of the cover, it is the climax of the book (no details here) and finally, totally explains who my heroine was to who she is now…and gives a better description of why the book is named Poison.

How do you balance writing and everyday life?

Carefully. I learned to write around other people’s schedules and in short snippets of time. There was no daydreaming or wasting time for me. With young kids around I learned to plan in my head what I was going to write. So anytime I had a few moments I could sit down and type my novels. I also make a huge effort to have all my outside chores or pressing matters taken care of before I sit down to write so that I don’t sit there feeling a nagging need to go do something else.

Where is your favorite place in the world?

My grandparents (now parents) own five acres of vacation land on a river in Eastern Washington, where unlike Western Washington the summers are usually in the 90’s and we spend our time swimming, river rafting, hiking, horseback riding, motorcycle riding, or lazing around our lounge chairs. It was bought the year I was born and my family and many family friends have met there over the years for camping. My newest series is loosely set in a fictional version of this place.

What do you like to read?

Dare I be obvious? Romance. I LOVE to read romance. I read anything contemporary or historical (and recently new adult) that is reality-like.

Do you listen to music while you write? What are you listening to now?

Yes. I might sound a bit crazy if anyone ever checked out my playlist…everything from Eminem and Rihanna to the Beatles, or Carrie Underwood. I literally listen to EVERY kind of music. My daughter and I share our hip hop, my husband and I listen to country together and I like oldies and soft rock. Is it a sign of a well-rounded person or one who can’t make up her mind???

Who influenced your decision to become a writer?

I always wrote. I was lucky in that my parent’s always told me to go for it. They wanted me to major in English in college…and I wouldn’t because I was afraid it was too impractical. So I went business…but I always kept writing. I never called it a hobby…because it felt too important. I separate out writing and publishing. I will always write, no matter what. And I love the publishing process…but that is the something I became. A writer I simply am.

These are few of my favorite things:
1. Reading
2.Horseback riding


Cassie sighed and pushed the flowers onto the counter between them. She tidied her desk, avoiding his gaze. Finally she stood and gathered her things.

He watched her. He didn’t like hearing Tim was scared his mom wouldn’t come home from work. What kind of knowledge was that for a kid to have? Hell, he didn’t like that Cassie was scared that she wasn’t going to come home from work. He didn’t think anyone could fake the fear she had of the innocuous floral arrangement.

Cassie was just about to hustle past him, when he put a hand on her arm to stop her. She paused, looking at his hand, then up into his eyes. Her lips trembled. She quickly dropped her face from his view. She raised a hand to wipe at her cheeks. Tears?

Damn it all to hell. A stab of genuine sympathy filled him. He put a knuckle under her chin and forced her to look up him. Her eyes were glazed in moisture. She was trying not to cry. He swallowed, unsure why her efforts to hold back tears from him put a knot in his throat. Had he become so heartless with his anger that he couldn’t let her fear a man she seemed to think wanted to physically harm her?


Romance, Contemporary Romantic Suspense, SuspenseBio: Leanne Davis has earned a business degree from Western Washington University. She worked for several years in the construction management field before turning full time to writing. She lives in the Seattle area with her husband and two children. When she isn’t writing she and her family enjoy camping trips to destinations all across Washington State.

You can find Leanne at:

Website –
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Buy Poison – now out on Amazon!

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  1. “There was no daydreaming or wasting time for me. With young kids around I learned to plan in my head what I was going to write. So anytime I had a few moments I could sit down and type my novels.” – my kids are much older, but I operate along the same rules. Very best of luck to you and thanks for the inspiration to keep going.

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