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Interview With Sherri Thomas, Author of Lost Memories

Lost MemoriesPlease welcome my fellow Wild Rose Press author Sherri Thomas!

Hi, Sherri, thanks for being my guest today!

Thank you for having me. I’m not good at talking about myself, but here is a little background on my life.

I grew up in the city, but always loved the country. When I married my husband and best friend we moved to a small community outside the city. Over the years I have been a housewife, a homemaker, I have had jobs as a nurse’s aide, worked at a daycare, done medical transcription, and now work for an insurance agency. Then a few years ago my husband and I moved our four children out to a small farm, making our dreams come true. I started writing off and on about thirteen years ago but seriously about two years ago.

Tell us about your upcoming release, Lost Memories, part of the HONKY TONK HEARTS series from The Wild Rose Press.


When your past is a blank, it’s hard to trust the future…

A car accident leaves Darcy Brooks with amnesia, but she’s determined it won’t ruin her life. She finds a job on a dude ranch—hiding her brain trauma to get it—and falls in love with her work. Now if she can just avoid falling in love with her boss.

Nick Matthews knows his new employee is hiding something, and he’s determined to discover what. He’s failed to protect his family from disaster in the past and won’t let it happen again. Now if he can just keep his attraction to Darcy from clouding his judgment.

Nick soon comes to value Darcy as an employee and a friend—even as the heat between them builds. But when a man claiming to be Darcy’s husband shows up, Nick realizes just how much he wants to keep Darcy for himself.

What inspired this story?

Lost Memories was created from a mixture of different country songs.

What are you working on now? Do you have any releases scheduled for this year?

I have started a sequel to Lost Memories. There are four brothers on The Matthews Dude Ranch and they all seem to want their own story J At this point I do not have any releases scheduled for this year, except maybe for Lost Memories, once again I am not sure of this release date yet.

What do you enjoy most about writing?

The “what ifs” and learning about the different characters. Your story can start off in so many different ways and end up somewhere totally different.

Where do you start when writing? Research, plotting, character, or…?

Normally I will pop in my head from something I have heard, seen, or heard the characters develop as does the plot.

Do you have a favorite time of day for writing?

First thing in the morning used to work best for me, but now with the day job I am still trying to figure out the next best time.

How do you balance writing and everyday life?

Ah, I’m still working on that.

What do you like to read?

Mostly western romance, contemporary romance, but most of all stories with happy endings.

Who influenced your decision to become a writer?

My husband has always been my greatest supporter, and while I have had a few great CPs the two who really believed in me and encouraged me were, Debbie Conrad, and Nancy O’berry.

These are few of my favorite things:

1. Horseback riding

2. Reading

3. ATVing


Pulling to the side where gravel filled a parking area, she cut the engine. Her uneasiness grew as she reached for the hair clip in the console and corralled her wayward strands back from her face.

“Please, don’t let me screw this up,” she prayed, then breathed deep as four cowboys came out to the wrap-around porch. Tammy had told her not to let her sons intimidate her, but even at this distance, the four were of impressive size.

“Oh, God.”

Darcy stepped out on shaky legs as one of the men descended the stairs and continued toward her.

“Afternoon, ma’am.” He touched the brim of his Stetson. “Can I help you with something?” He smiled, flashing perfect white teeth as dark eyes raked over her.

A dog barked and ambled over, nuzzling her hand with a wet nose. She bent down to pat the golden colored canine. A big, wet tongue tickled her skin making her laugh as the dog wagged its tail.

“Dakota, enough.” He moved the dog away with a hand on his scruff. “Sorry, he has no manners.”

“That’s okay. I love dogs.”

She glanced at the cowboy from beneath lowered lashes. His deep voice vibrated through her when he spoke while his gaze warmed her skin from the top of her head to the toes of her boots. Darcy pulled herself to her full five feet two inch height, but only came to the cowboy’s chest.

Eyes narrowed in her direction. “What can I help you with?”

“I’m looking for Nick Matthews.”

“You found him.” He frowned. “And you are?”

“Darcy Brooks.” She stuck out her hand.

A suspicious expression crossed his features as he reached out, his hand swallowing hers. He squinted “I’m sorry, I’m at a loss here. Do I know you?”

Oh no, did Tammy not tell them I was arriving today?

She raised her chin determined not to let his scowl daunt her. “Mrs. Matthews, your mom, said today at one o’clock would be a good time to get settled in.”

“My mother’s out of town. She must have forgotten to write you in the books.”

Nick gave a half grin. At least he hoped he smiled, for the action resembled a snarl to her.

“Let’s go get you registered.”

He spun on his heel, giving her full view of his denim-clad butt. A tighter, nicer ass she’d never seen. She wiped the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand. Even though the clouds covered the sun’s rays, the heat had picked up a few degrees.

Darcy shook her head and sprinted to catch up with his longer strides. When she reached his side, he slowed his pace.

“When will the rest of your group be joining you?” he asked, glancing toward her.

“What group?” She brought her sights to his and lost herself in the chocolate depths. No sounds registered as she stared in a daze…until her foot hit a rock and she stumbled forward.

A massive hand circled her elbow, strong and sure, preventing her from falling on her face. A static charge zapped her skin where his fingers held her.

“You vacationing alone?” A muscle twitched in his cheek as he dropped his hand and placed one boot on the bottom step of the porch. “We normally schedule in groups, but I guess we can make revisions to our normal program.”

“Oh, I’m not here for a vacation. Mrs. Matthews hired me to take over for Theresa.”

Nick looked her up and down, then gave what sounded to her like a derogatory snort.

She took offense to his attitude and placed her hands on her hips to let him know she wouldn’t back down from her only job prospect.

“Is that so?” Thick arms folded over his wide chest.

“Yes.” Does he seriously think I’m making this up?

“Funny, she didn’t say anything to me.”


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  1. THank you Babette for having me on your blog.. I do appologize for the late replies as I said I was having some computer issues.

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