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Interview with Kathryn Knight, Author of Silver Lake

Please welcome my fellow Wild Rose Press author Kathryn Knight!

Hi, Kathryn, thanks for being my guest today. Tell us a little about your current release, Silver Lake. The cover is gorgeous!

Silver Lake is both a love story and a ghost story.  The premise is a group of former friends who reunite after 5 years to try to solve the mystery of their friend’s disappearance.  Amidst the escalating paranormal activity at the lake house, the two main characters, Rain and Jason, get a second chance at romance.


Rain Anderson can’t decide which is more unsettling—encountering the ghost of her missing friend, or reuniting with the man whose love she foolishly rejected. But one thing is certain: the past has come back to haunt her, quite literally.

Five years ago, Rain’s tight-knit group of high school friends unraveled when one vanished during their senior year. Now, a parent’s deathbed request has reunited the friends at Silver Lake, including Jason Lansing, the man Rain discarded. Rain and Jason discover the powerful attraction between them has survived, but though Jason is willing to forgive, he can’t let himself forget. The possibility of falling for Rain again is too risky.

Slamming doors, crashing objects, flaring fires—clearly the ghost has a message to share. As Rain and Jason struggle to unravel the truth, they must face a desperate spirit in need of help…and a burning passion that refuses to die.

What inspired this story?

My genuine love for ghost stories mixed with romance.  For me, a mysterious and spooky paranormal element combined with a tension-filled romantic relationship is the perfect recipe for an exciting read.  Basically, I created my favorite type of novel!

What are you working on now? Do you have any releases scheduled for this year?

My second paranormal romance, Gull Harbor, was just contracted by The Wild Rose Press.  This week we are working on perfecting the blurb, and my hope is that it will be released in the spring of 2013.

Can you share with us “the call” story?

On a chilly morning in December 2011, I opened my emails to see one waiting for me from the editor I’d submitted to at my publisher.  The subject line was only the title of my book, so I wasn’t sure what would be waiting inside.  When I opened it, heart pounding, I saw the line, “Attached please find your author contract.”  I ran around the kitchen, jumping up and down, and my youngest son, who had not yet left for school, was hugging me and jumping around with me.

What is the best thing about being an author?

When people tell me how much they enjoyed my book.  Many people have told me they read Silver Lake in one sitting, or stayed up half the night, or were even late for work because they had to finish it.  For me, that is one of the best feelings in the world.

What did you learn from writing your first book or what do you wish you’d known before becoming published?

I learned that a good story idea and strong creative writing skills are not enough to create a great book.  Hooking the reader in the beginning pages and pacing the story correctly to keep the reader interested are key components in writing a successful novel.

What do you like to read?

I read a variety of genres.  Obviously, I enjoy paranormal romance, and historical romance is also a favorite.  Certain types of high fantasy appeal to me as well, for example, Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series, and George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, which begins with The Game of Thrones.

Who first introduced you to the love of reading?

My father is a big reader, and he introduced me to novels at a young age.  Every week he would go to the library and have the librarian suggest chapter books that I might like.  He’d come home with a big stack, and for me, it was the most exciting day of the week.

These are few of my favorite things:

1. My family and friends

2. A good book and a glass of Pinot Grigio

3. Animals


“I saw…a figure.  A figure with dark hair, and I think it was Brandy.”  She shuddered and put her forehead back on his chest.

Reluctantly, he moved their bodies apart a bit and scanned her face.  He held on to her shoulders and asked calmly, “You saw Brandy?  Brandy is here?”

She shook her head.  “No, I saw… like… an image of Brandy.  I woke up, because it was cold, and I saw something moving.  It was Brandy, I’m sure of it, although I didn’t see her face clearly.  And then she, um, disappeared.”

“An image of Brandy?  Are you saying you saw a ghost, Rain?”  He was pretty sure she’d had another nightmare, but the way she had flown out of her room gave him the impression it had been an extremely vivid one.

“I know, it sounds ridiculous.  But that’s what I saw.  And she sort of, well, went through the wall.  I’m sure you don’t believe me,” she added miserably, lifting her stormy eyes to his.

He pulled her back into a hug before he could stop himself.  “I absolutely believe you.  Whether you were awake or asleep, you saw Brandy and that’s scary.  I don’t think we can deny that weird things are happening here.”

Jason smoothed her hair and waited patiently for her trembling to subside.  If a ghost really was lurking in her bedroom, there wasn’t a whole heck of a lot he could do about that.  A rare sense of powerlessness caused his jaw to clench in frustration.

He stopped watching the door and instead focused on the gorgeous woman in his arms.  She clung to him, and his body responded to hers with a familiar ache.  He knew he was losing the battle to keep his feelings platonic.

Kathryn KnightBio: As a child, Kathryn Knight kept her parents on a constant quest to find enough reading material to last her through each week.  An early fondness for books about horses later gave way to a lasting preference for both love stories and ghost stories; as a writer, the paranormal romance genre is a perfect fit.  Silver Lake is Kathryn’s first novel; her second novel, Gull Harbor, has also received a contract from The Wild Rose Press and will be released in 2013.  She lives in New England with her husband, her sons, and a number of rescued animals.  Please visit her at or on Facebook at Kathryn Knight books.

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6 thoughts on “Interview with Kathryn Knight, Author of Silver Lake”

  1. That was a fantastic excerpt…and your cover is gorgeous! Loved your answer about the best thing about being an author…you are so right! It’s the best to have someone tell you how much they enjoyed your story! Congrats on your release Kathryn 🙂

  2. HI Kathryn and Babette,

    Your book sounds so intriguing, Kathryn. I love the blend of romance and ghostly paranormal. What a cute story about you and your son jumping around together when you got the call. I can relate to your story about your dad coming home with library books–I always went to the library with my father when I was young. Much success with your book!

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