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Welcome Nancy Jardine and Aela Cameron from Take Me Now

It’s great to be with you, today Babette. I’d like to introduce my gutsy heroine, Aela Cameron, to you and your readers today. Aela’s from my soon to be released novel -TAKE ME NOW. (3rdAug the Wild Rose Press)

Take Me Now 
Aela Cameron, from TAKE ME NOW,  isn’t entirely sure she’s doing the right thing in getting a temporary job with Nairn Malcolm-owner of Garvald Castle on the island of Lanera, Scotland, and numerous business enterprises. Right now Aela’s in the process of cooking breakfast, having stayed the night at the castle in order to be interviewed a second time. She’s having a conversation with Nairn’s father, Ruaridh.

Ruaridh: (clattering noises indicate he is removing plates and flatware from cupboards, before setting the table for two people) You thought Nairn was drunk, yesterday? Och, No! My son Nairn’s not normally like that at all. He’s usually the most focused guy on earth. You just caught him on a bad day, Aela.

Aela: (loud guffaws from Aela, not particularly ladylike in nature) Good heavens! If that’s what he looks like on a bad day, what the heck does your son look like on a horrendous day?

Ruaridh: (chuckles in response as he inspects the bubbling pancakes Aela is just turning over) Aye, yer right about that, lass. He is pretty battered looking just now. (Ruaridh catches Aela’s eye and laughs heartily) I seem to recall, though, that last night you managed to ogle his other handsome side!

Aela: Not at first sight of him! I almost collapsed in a hysterical heap when I saw him standing at the wall, yesterday. (She lifts the bacon from the pan and drops it into the warmed serving dish, her movements jerky as she creases in laughter)

Ruaridh: (has to put the teapot down on the table, his laughter spilling the hot liquid over the cup he was pouring into) That’s a right good one, lass! I can just imagine how he’d take that.

Aela: What was I supposed to think? Nobody at the employment agency mentioned he needed a pilot, and an office assistant, because he was all bashed up. (Aela becomes a bit more serious) Did he get those injuries trying out the mega-wild adventurous activities he markets at his company, Adrenalinn Adventures?

Ruaridh: Och, no, lass! He had a wee accident on his motorbike last Saturday.

Aela: (Adds sizzling bacon strips to the piles of pancakes set out on three plates) He took a corner too fast?

Ruaridh: (Lifts two of the plates and takes them to the table, his head shaking all the while, his tone serious in a blink) Never! Nairn’s a very careful driver, lass! Something malfunctioned on his bike.

Aela: (She plonks herself down on the chair and accepts the opened maple syrup bottle from Ruaridh, her expression a mixture of skepticism and derision) If his accident happened only last Saturday, what the merry heck is the idiot man trying to do to himself? Why was he trying to interview me after only three days, and him still half comatose?

Ruaridh: (His expression much like Aela’s. His answer is accompanied by the enjoyment of chewing delicious pancakes and bacon) He wouldn’t wait, lass: has to get on with all the backlog of office stuff as soon as possible.

Aela: (Tentative as she leans closer to Ruaridh) Does that mean he needs office help more than he needs someone to fly his neat little floatplane?

Ruaridh: (almost chokes on his food) Och, no, lass. He needs both in about equal portions, now!

Nairn: Doing a bit of gossiping, Father?

TAKE ME NOW will be released by the Wild Rose Press on 3rd August 2012.


Nairn Malcolm’s looking for the impossible. He needs a highly skilled, enterprising aide who’ll be at his beck and call 24/7. No ordinary Jane Doe will do. He doesn’t expect the only candidate who drops in at his Scottish castle for an interview to be so competent…or so stunning.
Aela Cameron’s got exactly the right mix of talents to satisfy all Nairn Malcolm’s needs, and more. She loves the jobs he needs done, adores his castle, and finds his frenetic lifestyle energising. But she’s only looking for temporary: not to fall in love with the man.
Can Nairn convince Aela she’s tailor-made for him in every way…and not a passing fancy?

Monogamy Twist
Available now from The Wild Rose Press by Nancy Jardine:MONOGAMY TWIST-a contemporary history/mystery.


Luke Salieri has a mystery he wants resolved immediately. There must be a woman out there who can meet his needs. But how far will he have to go to persuade her? Rhia Ashton can’t see herself living with gorgeous Luke Salieri and not wanting his body as well. Can she live and sleep with him for a whole year and then walk away?

Available At:
The Wild Rose Press 
Barnes and Noble

THE BELTANE CHOICE-a historical novel-will be released by Crooked{Cat}Publications 31st August 2012.

Nancy JardineBio and links-Nancy Jardine

Nancy Jardine was a teacher of 11-12year olds for many years, but gave up the chalk during the autumn of 2011. In the last few years one historical and three contemporary romances have been completed. The first in a planned series of time-travel novels for children 9-12yrs is finished, and a family saga is the current work in progress. Nancy lives in the picturesque castle country of Aberdeenshire, Scotland, with her husband who now does all the cooking…the menu far more exciting and tasty than it used to be! Hobbies include ancestry research, doing exciting fun things she’s never done before with her two daughters and sons-in-law, and working in her large garden where she tends real flowers and some spectacular weeds!

Contact Nancy at:




Thank you very much for having me as your guest today.

13 thoughts on “Welcome Nancy Jardine and Aela Cameron from Take Me Now”

  1. Good morning,Babette. It’s raining outside, so that doesn’t make it alovely start to the day, but it does mean I get to do no gardening and lots of writing and reading. I hope your readers have a good excuse to join Aela…and us.

  2. Good Morning ladies!

    Nancy, it’s not raining her….it’s chilly but sunny and holds a promise of another nice day!

    I enjoyed meeting Aela! From her spirit and what I’m sure is an adventurous side this sounds like it’s going to be a fun and interesting read.

    Congrats on another release with THE WILD ROSE PRESS 🙂

    And you have another beautiful cover!!

    1. Thank you, Christine. I’m glad you enjoyed meeting Aela- she definitely is a feisty character. In one way, or another, she’s going to be popping up in various blogs as a guest during the next couple of days.

  3. Goodmorning, Nancy. Great excerpts. Nice trailer. It’s suuny and bright here in Michigan and not threat of rain.
    Your books look interesting especially Manogomy Twist.
    Thanks for hosting me yesterday and I hope you have plenty of sales.

    Cora Blu

  4. Hi Nancy and Babette!

    Thanks for introducing us to Aela! She’s sounds like more than a match for Nairn! And there were lots of wonderful clues about the story! Congrats on your upcoming release!

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