New Year, To Do List

Happy New Year – 2010

Goodbye 2009. Hello 2010.

2009 had its up and downs.

We lost my dog Harry a week before Christmas, almost exactly twelve years since I got him. It’s been two weeks now, I still wake up thinking I need to let him out and it feels weird not feeding him before I have my coffee in the morning and not having him at my heels every moment or greet Jimmy and me at the door all bright-eyed and happy to see us. Harry was sweet, goofy, and sometimes not very bright, but he was a happy dog who loved everyone. He loved snow, hated getting his feet wet in the rain, and always knew when it was time for his meals and treats. I really miss my pal.

Harry 1997-2009

My laptop died in August, really bad timing, and I’ve been operating off a cute little netbook until two weeks ago. I love the netbook’s portability, but my eyes are ever so happy now to have a lovely 17 inch screen.

I pitched Missing Magic and Deeper Than Bone and got some  great requests. I’ve made my first partial submission for one of those requests. Fingers crossed. And I received a receipt of my submission, so I am applying for Pro. We’ll see how things progress in 2010. Meanwhile, I’m typing my brains out.

I’ve been learning to use Office 2007 and Windows 7. That’s been interesting.

I entered the Golden Heart. Fingers crossed.

I have a clean desk and office to kick off the new year. Pookie the cat has taken over Harry’s writing supervision post.

A clean desk for 2010

Goals for 2010? I’ve revamped some of my 2009 To Do List:

  • Finish the damn series synopsis and get my full of Missing Magic fixed, polished and submitted asap.
  • Finish Deeper Than Bone and submit the full.
  • Make my minimum daily wordcount goal, every day. Hey, if I can do Nanowrimo, I can make my measly daily minimum. You hear that, snarky internal editor?
  • Banish internal editor to the corner for bad behavior.
  • Catch up on my non-fiction to be read pile.
  • Spend more time with my husband and my friends.
  • Stop dithering, revise and submit Mojave in July short somewhere.
  • Banish To Do list anxiety over to the corner with internal editor.
  • Drink more water.
  • Walk to work on nice days.
  • Paint.
  • Figure out Facebook and Twitter
  • Revamp my MySpace page.
  • Work in the garden.
  • Keep my clean office and desk clean and organized.
  • If I don’t use it, get rid of it.
  • Scan photos.
  • Finish the damn book(s).

Best wishes to all for a

blessed, happy and successful

New Year!

2010 image: Billy Alexander

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year – 2010”

  1. Hugs on the loss of Harry. I lost my Daisy, who was also almost exactly 12 years old, on Dec. 12. I miss her terribly, but we rescued her as a puppy and I know we gave her a good life.

    Good luck with the Golden Heart!

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