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Writing Prompt – Lost In The Dark

Cavebypaiviti780825_41651363-medOne of my characters is currently lost in a maze of tunnels without any light. He’s been plucky so far, but I’ve left him at an intersection of four tunnels and no clue which way to turn.

And I was thinking what would happen if he came to a section of tunnels like the picture at left? Corridor after corridor, decision after decision.

Here in the picture, sunlight is spilling in, but in my story he’s in utter darkness. He’s not a happy character right now.

So, how can you use this situation for your characters?

Have you ever been in utter dark?


Writing Prompt: For today, your character is lost in the dark. He can be in caverns, or tunnels,  or even a maze above ground. Perhaps even a space station. What does he do? What tools or knowledge does he find he has to help free himself from his predicament? How does he feel? Is he afraid of the dark? Will he be afraid hereafter? Does this adventure cure a fear of the dark? Is something tracking him? If there is sunlight spilling in, like the photo above, can he reach it or is it only a tease of rescue? This is a good time to exercise description without using sight. Describe what your character feels, smells, and hears.

Photo: Päivi Tiittanen

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