Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt – I Dare You 2

Time for a few photo dares again.

Writing Prompt: I dare you to use any of the following in one of your works in progress:


Have you ever had a favorite character
develop unplanned out of an ordinary prompt?


Top left: Kym McLeod
Top Right: B S K
Bottom left: Ann- Kathrin Rehse
Bottom right: Cherilyn

2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt – I Dare You 2”

  1. Oh yes. Jesse and Carly were born of a prompt involving birthday hats, a hooker and a ghost. All those thing get mentioned in the first 1K of the WIP.

  2. Oh, yes, more times that I can count. My favorite is my “Ladies’ Night” ATF agent who won two contests and then got published for a nice piece of change.

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