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Inspiration – Ruins

I love ruins.  I write fantasy and, for me, ruins are perfect inspirations to step off into developing settings and scenes in my stories. I get to be the archaeologist of  my stories, rebuild their worlds, devise  histories, answer the questions of what might this have been, what happened there, who were the people who once lived here?

Do ruins inspire you?

Could this be the palace steps where the heroine takes the hero to task?
The ruins of a castle hide in a forest. Could this be the hero's lair?
Could this be a defensive location against dragons?
Is this the passage of time or magic gone awry?

Dryburgh Abbey by Matt Miller
Czorsztyn Castle by Adriana Herbut
Ta Promh by Krista Johanson
Mesa Verde by Michel Boulanger

1 thought on “Inspiration – Ruins”

  1. Great pics — that last is especially intriguing. I haven’t had much chance to wander through ruins, though I would like to. The Iron Age museum I visited many years ago in Norway had a lasting impression.

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