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Monday Cheer – Work?

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Well, I’m getting over my cold and finally feeling more human. I have a busy week ahead with school and Holy Week events. Two and a half more days of school and then Easter Break and a well-needed vacation. My vacation plan is to make headway on Deeper than Bone and on Missing Magic and get a few things done around the house and yard.

Despite being sick, I got some work done on writing. About 2400 words or so between DTB, Strange Magic and Rule of Magic. I’m behind on quota, but at least I made some progress.

Also, okay, this is not precisely filling a writing goal, but it’s a portion of one of my to-do list items. A couple weeks ago I changed the name of my blog and settled on a pen name, which is why you now see Babette James instead of jamiebabette here and there. Sooo, I’ve finally committed to these changes by becoming the nervous proud owner of two domains, http://www.babettejames.com and http://www.perhapsmagic.com. They lead to this WordPress blog. I still have to finish tweaking things and figure out the WordPress domain mapping thingamajiggy.

Finally, I added an excerpt to the Missing Magic page, a nice little scene between Annie and Finn.

1 thought on “Monday Cheer – Work?”

  1. Glad to hear you’re feeling better, and welcome back to the bloggosphere. I’m just getting over that bronchial thing myself, so I know how much you appreciate the return of health. Enjoy!

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