His Girl Next Door, Loving Lexi

Loving Lexi

Loving Lexi - His Girl Next Door Book 4, a Contemporary Romance by Babette JamesHis Girl Next Door #4 ~ Sometimes love is just around the corner

Love is trouble. House rehabber Kerr Driscoll is fed up with his lovelorn business partner mangling their construction schedules. A bet on which friend will marry next spurs ideas to fix matters, and his cute, hyper-efficient neighbor Lexi Ferguson agrees a joint vacation in romantic Cape May might help propel their friends toward the altar. However, when getting locked out of his hotel room leads to a night with Lexi, Kerr discovers love’s complications have only just begun.

Love isn’t enough. Lexi’s life and her career as a paralegal handling divorces prove that daily. As for Kerr and her together? Her heart’s foolish desires can’t be organized away into her planner’s pages and a fun, sexy man who understands her dreams is irresistible, even if they’re too much the odd couple. Maybe she doesn’t need to be perfect to be loved. But the bet leaks out, convincing Lexi she’s just another game for him. Kerr now must persuade her a lifetime together is the only prize worth winning.

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