Convincing Cami, His Girl Next Door

Convincing Cami Release Day!

Convincing Cami, His Girl Next Door #2, a contemporary romance by Babette JamesConvincing Cami

His Girl Next Door Series – Book 2

Convincing Cami and the His Girl Next Door series were both inspired by many summers spent at the shore in Lavallette, New Jersey. The first book in my series, Kissing Katie, is set in the summer at Lavallette, a quieter, more family-oriented small town just north of the busier and more famous Seaside Heights.

In Convincing Cami, I move on to autumn and up along the coast to Point Pleasant Beach, a town I loved living in and visiting. Life in a shore town has a different pace in the off-season. The heavy crowds and traffic are gone. The boardwalk and beach are still there to visit, but the vacation mindset inspired by summer sun is over and work and weather keep you home more and focused on family life. As the temperature dips through autumn toward winter, curling up indoors with a warm and loving significant other after a long day at work is much more tempting than a chilly stroll on the beach.

I’ve had a wonderful time exploring some fun and sentimental memories while writing these romances. I hope you enjoy them too!


Sometimes love is just around the corner.

When Cami Alexander moves next door, it’s time for Jack O’Malley to concede the sweet and sexy fellow teacher is more than a long-time friend—she’s the one he’s been looking for in all the wrong places. He’s ready to put his footloose bachelor days behind him, but between his past, Cami’s doubts, her overprotective family, and well-meaning blind date offers from friends, convincing Cami they’re meant to be together is going to get complicated. Good thing Jack likes a challenge.

Cami’s always had a little crush on the dashing, blue-eyed Jack, but when the heat in a spontaneous kiss surprises them both, she’s afraid to risk their friendship over mere desire. Passion proves irresistible, and one explosive night ups the ante on their dilemmas. Jack vows his love and to stand by her through every trouble, but she’s been burned by promises before, and this time more than her heart’s at stake.


The old wooden ladder creaked and rocked with loose joints as Cami climbed. The thing must be as old as the house. She stretched, screwing in the first bulb. The step under her feet creaked, cracked—

And gave way. She shrieked, dropping the light bulb, but grabbed only air. Oh, this was going to hurt—

“Cami!” Jack shouted. Strong arms clamped around her. “I got you.”

Shaken from the close call, she melted into him. “Thanks. That was too close.”

“I knew I should’ve brought my ladders over. You okay?”

“Yes. Just a scare.”

He let her slide to the floor, but held her snug against his body. He would release her, any second now. She should step away. Instead, she wrapped her arms around his waist. She shivered, this time less from the scare and more from realizing just how close he held her. How he’d never actually touched her before beyond a social hug or handshake.

Her quiet little crush speared into a hot rush of want. How warm and sturdy he was. How perfectly they fit together.

She caught her breath and looked up to find Jack studying her with a puzzled, serious expression that she’d never seen on his face before. The twilight added a deceptive privacy to the dim room and made Jack’s eyes appear dark and deep with—


“This is a really bad idea,” Jack muttered. Tightening his arms, he crushed his mouth down on hers.

She gasped, and he seized full advantage of her mouth opening under his in the hungry, demanding kiss.

Oh, Jack was right, this was a really bad idea, but the surprising kiss was far too amazing to rally any effort to break away. With the curiosity of six years pressing her, Cami recklessly surrendered to the pleasure, not caring he had a girlfriend, not caring they’d just careened over the friendship line . . . and his warm body was hard against hers.

What a kiss! Far from a perfect kiss—too hot and rushed—but wonderful, wonderful, fierce, and toe-curling.

Curiosity killed the cat, remember.

Well, she wasn’t a cat, and this was just a kiss.


Come fall in love at the shore

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  1. Congratulations Babette. I’m looking forward to reading your new release. I love the Jersey shore and spend every summer weekend in Bradley Beach. Good luck with sales.

    Maria Imbalzano Unchained Memories

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