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The Rule of Three – Guest Post by Dawn Luedecke, Author of Midnight Room

Midnight Room, a paranormal romance by Dawn LuedeckeI would like to start out by thanking Babette James for hosting me and introducing myself to those who don’t know me. My name is Dawn Luedecke and I’m an author, mother, veteran, displaced country girl, and military wife. I believe that whatever you do in life, you must have passion in order to succeed. As a result, my personal mantra is ‘Always Have Passion.’

In high school, I was a nerd. I’m talking band geek, choir singing, business club, thespian kind of nerd. Fortunately, for me, nerds tend to succeed in later in life. I learned many things in these clubs and classes that I have been able to take with me into the adult world. One of them I learned from my thespian teacher (for those of you non-nerds who don’t know, thespian is the drama club). One day in class, I learned the rule of three.

The rule of three states that something can only be repeated three times before it looses its charm and becomes redundant. This is also important in writing. When I have an important component in my book that needs to be repeated, I try to use this rule. For instance, in my new release, ‘Midnight Room‘, my heroine find herself the target of an attack within her circle of friends. I let my heroine be attacked three times, anything less would and I wouldn’t have made the point enough for the story line, anything more and I’m pretty sure my readers would think ‘oh geez, not again’. I’m a true believer that balance is the key to success (in virtually anything you do).

Is there a specific rule, whether written or unwritten, that you like to follow in your profession?

Below is an excerpt from one of the scenes in ‘Midnight Room‘.


 She clutched the bed sheets to her chest when she opened her eyes, but she was alone and whole in her room. With the blankets balled in her fist, she searched the darkness. The room remained black, motionless except for the gentle sway of the curtains in the open window. She squinted, certain she’d closed and latched the frame before she went to bed. She was too frightened of the strangers on her property to leave the windows unlocked.

Shadows enveloped her and transformed the room to an eerie stillness, intensified by the fear that ebbed from her dream. She reached down and pulled the mattress up to search for her pistol.

“You won’t find the weapon you seek,” a deep silky voice spoke from somewhere in the dark. Her heart began to pound with dread. “It will not protect you from me.” Silence stretched long enough to heighten her panic. “Those two outside are dangerous. Do not trust them. They seek only the Zephyrus.”

She searched the dark, desperate to find the face of the man who spoke. She lay back against her pillows and closed her eyes tight. Through the blackness, the man who spoke was invisible, so eyes were useless anyway. The sound of his slight movement showed his location in the corner, next to where she’d placed the dresser when she moved in. “Who are you?”

“We come from the deep to watch and protect, and sometimes to kill.” His voice slid like silk through the night. “But not you Alana. You can see the true color of the stone.”

She stretched her senses to the corner where she thought the voice originated, but now she wasn’t sure. Did he move? “What stone? Who are you?”

The cool wind caressed her face and a whisper caught on the winds tide, almost inaudible as it faded with the wind. “Devlin.”

She sat up with a sudden need to know, ready to ask the many questions that formed since she first encountered the wolf, but found herself alone.

Her chest heaved. What just happened in her midnight room?


Haunted by the murder of her parent’s years ago, Alana Roseburg strives to disappear into the trees of Miranda’s Forest, a place marred by a dark Legend. When she finds a lone wolf stalking her property, she can’t help but be drawn to the animal, despite his dangerous aura. She soon discovers a secret no mortal could accept. The wolf is Devlin—a man, a shape shifter, and Guardian of a woman known as the Windrose of the West. This Windrose controls and protects a magical gem that holds to powers of Mother Nature’s elements.

To her surprise, Devlin believes she is the Windrose of the West and his rightful mate. Soon she is taken to his home and drawn into a world she’d never imagined. But can her growing love for Devlin overcome the effects of the stone as they become too much for her to bear? Soon she is taken to his home and drawn into a dangerous world of passion, secrets, and murder. Can she overcome her fear and accept her destiny before it’s too late?

You can buy Midnight Room at:

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Biography: A country girl born and bred, Dawn Luedecke has spent most of her life surrounded by horses, country folk, and the wild terrain of Nevada, Idaho and Montana. As a child she would spend many afternoons reading books, watching western classics, and Rogers and Hammerstein movies. When she grew up she decided to leave the quiet country life for a chance to find adventure by serving a successful tour in the United States Coast Guard. During that time she found her soul mate (and alpha male) and started a family and writing career. She enjoys writing historical and paranormal romance and spends as much time as she can working on her current manuscript. For more information visit

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Dawn Luedecke Blazing the West Book Tour


3 thoughts on “The Rule of Three – Guest Post by Dawn Luedecke, Author of Midnight Room”

  1. I like your rule of three’s, Dawn. It makes perfect sense:-) I too, am a firm believer in “balance in all things” which is my personal mantra. In terms of my writing, balancing narrative, dialogue and description is always on my mind and something I stress during my editing phase. As far as hard and fast rules, I try not to follow any, LOL.

    Your book sounds like an engaging tale! Best of luck with it:-)

    1. Thank you so much for the response. I agree. I think editing is the hardest for me because that’s when I check and recheck everything for balance and format.

  2. During my book tour I will be posting comments of my tour on the guest blogs. On August 15 I will post a question on my website and Facebook that will be answered during one of these comments.

    Today we took a drive up to. Glacier National Park. The wild beauty of the west never fails to take my breath away. The rugged peaks of the glacier, and under lying sense of danger at the paws of a bear, make the experience one to remember forever.

    Do you have a spot that you absolutely love?

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