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Interview With Samanthya Wyatt, Author of Something More

Something More, a contemporary romance by Samanthya Wyatt I’m delighted to welcome Samanthya Wyatt for an interview and a look at her new contemporary romance, Something More.

Hi, Samanthya, so glad to have you here today. Tell us a little about Something More.

Thank you so much for having me here on your blog. The setting is New York and you can see the Brooklyn Bridge on my website as well as the cover of this book. Savvy Authors offered a pitch session with several publishers. An editor asked for a full and then sent me a contract. Something More, published with Soul Mate Publishing, was released June 25th.

Here is a bit about the book:

A determined man, a headstrong woman, and a battle of wills.

Matthew longs for a woman to share his life, not his bank account. He owns a prestigious company that he rules with an iron fist. On his way to an important meeting, a light flirtation turns into more than he expects. He meets a woman with more confidence and strength than most men. Long legs get his attention, but Carrie attracts his interest. The alluring beauty does not need his money, and makes it clear she does not need him. He accepts the unspoken challenge.

Carrie trusts no man. An executive partner, she possesses a confidence that makes her assertive and her aggressiveness toward the male gender is somewhat intimidating. Until a pair of mischievous eyes melts her defenses, and has her second guessing her convictions. The day he shoved her into that cab he must have chiseled a chink in her armor. Matthew charges into her well organized life, cracks the stone wall she’s built and instills an emotion she swore never to allow.

Infatuation and excitement spark a journey of passion and forbidden emotion where two people must overcome their earlier convictions to find an everlasting love.

What inspired this story?  Usually I research and plan before creating a MS. But this particular instance happened one day while I was playing around to get my mind off edits of my current historical. I was in a fun mood and wrote a scene with two women bantering back and forth on a cruise ship. The words seemed to flow and I had a ball. I typed and laughed. Afterwards I really felt good. So I ended up writing my first contemporary Something More. Although, I had to go back and change a lot of dialogue and calm down my sexy ladies.

Do you have any good news you’d like to share?

Yes! I just retired and I’m going to write full time. I hope to finish the next two books in the One and Only Series. I have a fireman series to work on, “Station 8”. I can hardly wait.

How do you come up with ideas?

Everyone ask if my characters are modeled after real people. But I do try to research any jobs, locations, etc. for my story to be as close to authentic as it can be. Would you believe I get most of my ideas lying in bed at night? The only chance I have to unwind and the day’s activities race through my mind. Then ideas pop into my head. The problem is, when I wake up the next morning, I don’t remember half of them.

Can you share with us “the call” story?

I received a phone call one day from an unidentified number. I thought, of course, who the heck is that? When I answered I was congratulated on my MS being a finalist in the Golden Rose Contest. I think I was as excited then as the day when my “Hook” resulted in a request for a full—and when I was offered a contract. I did a little dance – no one was there – and I voiced/yelled my happy thoughts while I punched my fist in the air. LOL Then I called hubby and said, “Let’s go celebrate.”

What do you enjoy most about writing?

Coming up with the characters and their traits. Everyone wants a strong – tall dark and handsome – hero. The trick is not making them all look the same. I do character sheets on my hero and heroines. Then I have to refer back to those sheets throughout the MS so I don’t goof. And if the book calls for on the scene research, I love that. I love talking to people and sometimes they like talking to me. However, I interviewed one fireman for my fireman series and he seemed very on guard trying to figure out why I was there. I didn’t tell him I was a romance author, chuckle. But once he relaxed, he showed me the station and trucks and we had a good time.

Where do you start when writing? Research, plotting, character, or…?

I find that I get a lot more accomplished if I just sit at the computer and write. But if I want my story to go somewhere and be a good MS, there has to be GMC. I learned this from many workshops. I learned how to do character sketches, GMC charts, plots—everything one needs to bring a story together. As I write, I make notations on names, color of hair, anything I may need for reference later in my story. It pays off.

What is the best thing about being an author?

Being Free. Free to voice your thoughts, create any dream, use your imagination. If only I could remember that … I get involved in GMC, edits, POV … and it becomes less fun. But it’s still great.

What one thing would you change about your writing career?  

I wished I’d started sooner. Or at least pursued my dream when I wrote my first MS. If the internet and laptops had been around then, I would have been published long ago. Joining RWA is the answer. From there I learned what to do, where to go, and don’t give up.

Do you have a favorite hero and/or heroine in your books and why?

I love my hero, just because hunky men are sexy and dark hair has always been my favorite. However, I love a strong heroine and Carrie is strong. Her assistant may deserve a book of her own. And her friend is a no-nonsense, anything goes sort of girl. I guess I like all my characters. I’m so indecisive. About everything in my personal life, too. It takes me forever to pick out a pair of shoes.

What is your favorite scene from this story and why?

Whatever he’d expected, it certainly hadn’t been that. Thank God for his sunglasses. His eyes nearly popped out of his head. The image of a prestigious sophisticated lady had been shot to hell. Long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail with strands falling about her face, a spot of paint dotted one cheek, and a yellow smudge lay across her nose. Her full mouth hung open and her eyes wide with surprise. She looked like a rag doll that had been run over by a steamroller.

Let’s face it. Matthew is HOT. My really favorite part in this scene is when the sexual tension becomes too much for him to handle and he jumps from the ladder.

What do you like to read?

Smut. LOL  Romance – Romance – and Romance.

What don’t most people know about you but you would like to share?

That I am a writer. And I have two published romance novels.

These are few of my favorite things:

  • I love being on my grandfather’s farm. Acres and acres of trees and meadows.
  • I love riding in our 1969 Mustang Convertible with hubby.
  • I adore my grandchildren.

I have a Facebook Party planned with 8 other authors from our HHRW group. I hope to load details on my website. I’d like to do another one with my future books. For now my books are at Amazon in ebooks. In a few months they will be available in paperback.

I have lots of bookmarks to give away. Please visit my website and leave me a message. I’ll be happy to send you one—for a souvenir, or to mark the paperback you may purchase, or just share with your friends. I’d love to hear from you. Tell me what you think about my Heroes or my Heroines!

Enjoy an excerpt: 

Elbow to elbow, people filled the airport. The flight attendant helped Ginger secure her luggage and get it on the outgoing flight. Carrie grabbed her friend and squeezed hard, which wasn’t necessary since the throng of people bumped and pushed them together.

“I feel like a sardine.” Ginger flung her hair back and secured her bag on her shoulder. “Gotta run to catch my flight.”

“Bye, Ginger. And thank you!” Carrie called to the disappearing form. She heard, “Had a blast,” as Ginger disappeared from sight.

Carrie finally made her way to the baggage claim area. While she waited, she silently thanked the blessed saints for the good sense to purchase a house and not a high-rise apartment in New York City. Hopefully she would arrive home in a reasonable amount of time without sitting in traffic on a congested freeway. Ginger had chosen the Newark Airport because it was further from the city than LaGuardia and JFK, and generally less crowded. Today, the place resembled a madhouse. Carrie had trudged through an obstacle course just to retrieve her luggage. People scurried in every direction. Lifting her bag, she headed for the exit doors.

Great. Now, it’s raining buckets.

Damn, that guy just elbowed her, the jerk. All the taxies seemed to be taken. Except one. Carrie took off running. Just as she reached the cab, another hand—a masculine hand—covered hers.

A deep voice surged over her shoulder. “Excuse me.”

The man jerked open the door, pushed her inside and jumped in behind her.

Of all the . . .

“Sorry. But we could have drowned while I played the gentleman.”

You can buy Something More  at

A bit about Samanthya:

I love romance. In my younger years I read every book I could get my hands on. When I couldn’t afford to buy them, I wrote my own stories. Then came the dream to write historical romance novels. Well, life happened. I married a military man, we traveled all over the country, I had a family and there was no time for writing.

Many years later, I’m in a book store looking at the covers wanting to try a new author. I see the face of a hunk on a book cover and immediately bought that book. Yep, a book cover can make a difference. I started writing again. I entered a lot of contests, workshops, and finally finished my historical romance, The Right One, the first of a trilogy in One and Only Series.

One day I was playing around to get my mind off edits and I wrote a scene with two women bantering back and forth. I had so much fun and the words seemed to flow. So I ended up writing my first contemporary Something More. Modern day women have more freedom, and my wit seems to come out more with contemporary.

I enjoy penning a story with strong characters, a bit of humor, and active scenes. I must say that my husband has been the greatest. He encourages me, pushes me and teases me mercilessly. Finally my dream came true with Soul Mate Publishing.

You can find Samanthya at: | Amazon Author Page | Facebook

Also by Samanthya Wyatt:

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He abducts the wrong woman … she proves she is the right one.
The Right One, a Regency historical romance by Samanthya Wyatt

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