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Married Characters – Guest Post by Voirey Linger, Author of Pleasure’s Goddess

Pleasure's Goddess, a Romantica® paranormal erotic romance by Voirey LingerI enjoy writing married couples. The dynamic between them is very different from characters in a new relationship.They aren’t as cautious, as protective of their emotions. They’re comfortable with each other and any self-consciousness has already been stripped away. That comfort leaves the door wide open to push the relationship in ways that would break less secure couples. I can test them and watch their relationships become even stronger.

They’re more comfortable in bed, too. They know what turns them on, what turns on their partner. This is another place they get to push limits, take their love life to a new level. Their closeness makes the experimentation that much sexier.

In Pleasure’s Goddess, James and Hailey have fallen into a rut and need a kick start to get out of it. I loved writing that realization things had gone wrong and the reconnection between them.



Hailey hates the museum. It’s creepy as hell and keeps her husband away from her. James’ job requires him to stay after hours, but he’s happy to put in the extra time. Home has become a battlefield of ovulation charts and scheduled sex. Every month feels like a failure and love hasn’t been part of the picture for far too long.

But Marguerite might change that. A night with this ancient goddess fires the passions of Hailey and James, reminding them what it feels like to be lovers. Marguerite might bring Hailey the desire she needs, and give James the one thing he wants most—his wife.


Fertility goddess. The words ricocheted through her mind, ripping holes as they went.

But even as her stomach twisted in pain, her eyes were drawn back to Marguerite. The image was entrancing. The goddess’s blonde hair was worn in rows of small braids and her eyes were a startling blue. Pink lips parted in a serene smile and her expression hinted at secrets. The painting beckoned Hailey closer, calling her to come to the goddess. The tug was irresistible and Hailey’s feet were moving before she could stop herself.

Walking up to it, Hailey pushed a curl behind her ear, then slipped off her shoes. She now stood eye-to-eye with the goddess, the size of the image so close to her own that it could have been painted in an outline of her body.

She had the strangest sense that if she were to reach out, her fingers would find soft skin, not the slick surface of the photos. The child-deity seemed to live and breathe, appeared ready to step from the wall and embrace Hailey.

James’ fascination with this goddess suddenly became clear. It was this painting. There was something magical about it, something magnetic and sensual. This was more than a painting, more than an artifact from a long-dead culture.

Marguerite was life itself.

Hailey had to touch her, hold her. She stepped closer until her blouse brushed the wall and her breath condensed on the goddess’s lips. There was a strange flash of light in Marguerite’s eyes and her lips appeared to curl at one corner.

A crackle of electricity zipped over Hailey. Her skin tightened and the fine hairs on her arms rose.

The goddess winked.

Pleasure’s Goddess, a Romantica® paranormal erotic romance is available at:

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This book was previously published elsewhere in 2012 under the title Worshiping His Goddess.

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