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Interview with Sarah Hoss, Author of Heaven Sent

Heaven SentFellow Wild Rose Press author, Sarah Hoss, has stopped by today for an interview . Her debut romance with The Wild Rose Press, Heaven Sent, will be available Dec. 19th, 2012. Hi, Sarah, and thanks for being my guest!

Let’s start off with the blurb for Heaven Sent.

When forgiveness heals the soul, love heals the heart.

Flight nurse Tenlee Hawkins is used to making quick decisions, but one decision she made the Christmas day her mother died haunts her. Wrestling with the past, she spirals into depression—until the day she finds a man unconscious in her woods and saves his life.

When Sam awakens in the hospital with a concussion and no memory, Tenlee rescues him again. She takes him into her home and her life. But as Sam recovers and remembers who he is, he’s torn. A guardian angel isn’t supposed to fall in love.

As the promise of true love grows, Tenlee realizes that Sam has helped her much more than she ever helped him. But Sam is filled with guilt knowing he must soon leave. Will it take a Christmas miracle to find the life with Tenlee he’s always wanted?

What inspired this story? My critique partner, Lizzie, found a contest on line. We had to write a novella length story that centered around Christmas.  I have a friend who is a flight nurse, so I used her job and began writing.

What are you working on now? I have two books I am working on. Another contemporary novella about a stolen artifact, and then I am working on book two to my novel that comes out in January.

Do you have any releases scheduled for this year? Not this year, since it is almost over, but I have a novel coming out in January titled, DREAMS OF THE HIGHLANDER.

How do you come up with ideas?  From life. Something on T.V. can trigger an idea, watching people and how they act can help too.  I have always been a vivid dreamer so ideas have come from there also.

What did you learn from writing your first book or what do you wish you’d known before becoming published? I have learned so much over the last few years. Things like wandering body parts, telling VS showing, and strong POV’s.

Do you have a favorite time of day for writing? I write in the mornings when the husband and kids have left for the day. I try to save weekend and nights for family time.

Where is your favorite place in the world? Scotland, which is where my other books are centered. I love the country. Its beauty, its traditions, its history and its courage. I hope to one day visit there.

What is your favorite scene in this story? I have two favorite scenes in this story but I can’t tell one, because it gives something away. But I do love the scene where the hero and heroine are in the living room talking. The Christmas lights are on, fire is burning, and they are talking. It’s very intimate.

These are few of my favorite things:

1. Daisies

2. Camping

3. Christmas


Red and blue lights pulsed a beat all on their own, and even though the road was slick, people ran to and fro in a frantic pace to save a woman’s life.

A car sat mangled on the side of the road. The roof, having been cut, rested on the ground beside it. A few feet beyond, a woman lay motionless. She wasn’t breathing as the EMT’s worked desperately to save her life. Sam closed his eyes and said a silent prayer. But it was no use. If he was here for an assignment then the lady on the ground was not going to live. He said another prayer, hoping that there would be no pain and she would slip easily into his world.

The woman with the red hair sat on the ground near the deceased woman and cried, rocking back and forth.

“That is her mother.”

Malachi’s deep voice broke into his thoughts and Sam turned to acknowledge him.

“No, keep watching,” Malachi said.

The scene on the screen changed. Months passed, for now the trees were green and glorious in their summer splendor. A manicured lawn hugged a log cabin, nestled in the woods. Flowers sprung from pots here and there along the ground and deck. The place looked cozy. Scenes continued to change as did the weather. Snow decorated the landscape once again.

Searching the scene for all of the details he could gather, Sam spotted her, just past the cabin, in the woods. She sat quietly on a swing hanging from a tree branch. The sadness etched in her features gripped Sam and tore at his emotions. He ached to go to her, to comfort her.

Bio: Sarah Hoss grew up believing she could try anything and if she set her mind to it, she would succeed. Sixteen years of dance lessons, Cheerleading, and school plays proved to her that her parent’s words rang true. Writing was no exception. Reading the Outlander series made her fall in love with time travels and the historical places books could take her. Always a child with a vivid imagination, she realized as an adult, she could put her imagination to good use and began writing. Marrying her very own hero, they live in Indiana in the town where she grew up. They have three beautiful children and one hyper dog. When Sarah isn’t writing, she enjoys gardening, camping, and watching her kids’ play sports.

You can find Sarah at:


TWITTER- @SarahHoss1


BLOG- Heart of Romance

You can also find Sarah on Goodreads, LinkedIN and Pinterest.

Heaven Sent will be available for purchase on December 19 at: The Wild Rose Press

25 thoughts on “Interview with Sarah Hoss, Author of Heaven Sent”

  1. Hi Sarah!
    The book sounds sweet and tender. Can’t wait to read it!

    Scotland is my favorite place too! I loved Edinburough. I want to go back and just soak up the atmosphere there!

    Congrats on the book coming out!

  2. Hi Sarah!
    Heaven Sent sounds so sweet and tender! Love Christmas stories!

    My favorite place is Scotland too! 🙂 I love those dashing Scotsmen too.

    Congrats on the book! Squee!

  3. I just had to see what you girls were up to. Very busy! I’m happy to hear of your January release, Sarah. Keep ’em coming. Outlander hooked me, too. Thanks for the fine interview.

  4. I love hero-as-an-angel stories – just something about all that tough masculinity as an angelic figure struggling to do the right thing in so many forms and interpretations. Looking forward to reading this and your January release!

  5. First off, how in the world did I miss this? I’m so sorry Sarah for being late to this party!

    I really enjoyed your excerpt and the interview. It’s so nice to get to know an author before I read their books. I can’t wait to dive in!

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