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Interview With Voirey Linger, Author of Embracing Eternity

I’m delighted to welcome my friend, Voirey Linger, to my blog today.
Embracing Eternity
Tell us a little about your new release from Ellora’s Cave, Embracing Eternity.

Embracing Eternity is the third book in my Heavenly Lovers series, featuring angels looking for love in all the places they shouldn’t. Evangelos has always had a bit of a crush on Philomela, but ages ago, Meela chose to fall from grace and became a demon. Lucky for her, Evan is one of the most stubborn characters I’ve ever written. He was determined to find a way to save her, even when everyone told him to give up and go home. I think that stubbornness made him one of my most exasperating characters, as well. He didn’t listen to anything but his own heart.


Evangelos has loved Philomela since before time began. He’s dreamed of having her in his arms and his bed. But she never once looked his way. Instead, she chose a Fall that transformed her into a monstrous creature. He never forgot the one he loved, and he’s determined to bring her back home.

Cut off from the power that fed them, Meela and the other Fallen angels became demons, thriving on vice and preying on Creation. Hell holds too much pain and Meela wants nothing more than to give in to the temptation Evan offers. But a demon has no place in the arms of an angel.

Meela knows Evan’s determination to save her will be his downfall, because Lucifer wants to feast on the power of angels, and she’s the perfect bait.

How do you come up with ideas?

They come out of nowhere and assault me. One minute I’m minding my own business and the next, someone says ‘lap dance’ and I have an entire story building in my head. They tend to attack me faster than I can write them, unfortunately. I spend way too much time deciding who gets to go first, and then the characters go behind my back and rearrange all my lists and plans.

Where do you start when writing? Research, plotting, character, or…?

It’s really all so vague I couldn’t say. It’s like parts of the story are floating around in space and my brain picks them up and sets them aside, then when I have enough pieces, I’m suddenly hit with an entire story. Basic plot, characters, bits of trivia that go into the research part… It’s all there in a fully formed story that I know I’m going to write. I just need to give it time to age a little and work on refining the smaller details. Most of the time, I can feel it coming. I’ll have a scene in my head and know it’s about to become a book. Other times I’m flooded with everything at once.

I tried to track it once, write down bits as they came to me, but it seemed to interfere with the process and the stories I tried to document all dissolved before I had them plotted.

What is the best thing about being an author?

My work uniform is pajamas. Win!

Do you have a favorite time of day for writing?

I’m not a morning person… talk to me before noon at your own risk… but the time slot between nine and noon is when I’m at my most productive. If I could work like that all day, I might get caught up on all those stories waiting in my head.

What is your favorite scene from this story and why?

I’d have to say the very first scene. Meela is in Hell, being confronted by Lucifer for past failings. Meela was the villain in the two previous books in the series, and being a demon gave her all the reason she needed to just be bad. Suddenly, I had her in front of me, stripped of all her bravado. I saw the real Meela, and she was nothing like I expected her to be.

What is your favorite food to cook or eat?

Chocolate. I can be bought with chocolate. Or a nice steak dinner. And cheesecake. I have simple but fattening tastes.

Who influenced your decision to become a writer?

I can’t remember the first author that made me say, “I want to do that.” I do know that from the time I was little, I was in awe of the people who made these wonderful stories for me to read. I knew by the time I was 14 that I wanted to do it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have one person to encourage me. If I mentioned writing books, I was firmly steered back to the idea of getting a ‘real job’ by parents, friends and teachers. I really think my main influence was simply my own love of books.

These are few of my favorite things:

1. A warm bed on a chilly morning.

2. Listening to my cat purr.

3. Being with my family.


Bucking, she tried to knock him away but only succeeded in throwing herself more off kilter and slipped farther down the wall.

He wasn’t a tall seraph, but being in the corner as she was put her at a disadvantage. Even with her heeled boots, her eyes were only at his collar.

Still, she fought him. Struggling to wrestle him, she pushed against him with her entire body. Grappling silently, frantically, for an opening, for escape.

With a hiss and a groan, he moved in closer, until they were pressed together from knee to chest.

She stared up at him, wide-eyed, her hands relaxing in his grasp.

Well, well. It seemed Heaven’s most untouchable seraph wasn’t so aloof after all.

Evan was hard.

She barely had time to process the feel of his erection pressing into her stomach before his mouth covered hers. Warmth flooded her, chasing away the chill of winter with the heat of arousal. It sizzled though her veins, electrifying her senses until her skin prickled and her toes curled.

Before her Fall, sex had been nothing more than a game, a fun way to spend time. She’d frolicked at some point with most of the seraphs in Heaven.

But never Evan, though he would have been willing. He was always too serious and she had wanted to play.

After she and the damned third left Heaven, sex became a survival skill. Sex was traded for bits of power, for moments free from hunger and pain. Wanting had ceased to play a part in whom she fucked.

She couldn’t remember the last time she had welcomed the feel of a body against hers, how long it had been since she truly yearned for the touch of another.

But now, she wanted.


By day, Voirey Linger is a mild-mannered mom, knitting and baking cookies for her three boys. But at night she dreams up sexy stories and hunky heroes that will leave your mouth watering. She lives and works in the South, happily hiding her writing from everyone around her… because really, what good is a secret identity if everyone knows it?


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