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Interview With Nara from The Beltane Choice by Nancy Jardine

The Beltane ChoiceI’m pleased to have Nancy Jardine as my guest again as she introduces her newest release!

Hi Babette, I’m totally delighted to be with you today as it’s an extremely special day for me! Today marks the launch of my first historical novel, The Beltane Choice, published by Crooked{Cat}Publishing.

I’ve brought along a friend from The Beltane Choice. Nara’s feeling a little bit strange, coming from the year AD 71, but she’d love to get to know some new friends today. She’s got so many things to share with everyone about the man who’s in her thoughts. She’s not familiar with the internet, so it’ll work best if I ask her some questions-though she tells me she’d be very happy to answer anyone’s questions, later on. I’ll transcribe for her…or we’ll be here till the next advance of the Roman Empire!

Nara, tell us about this man who is taking up a lot of your time. What’s his name?

He is Lorcan of Garrigill, of the Brigantes.

Is it a good thing that he’s a Brigante? You say that word almost contemptuously.

Oh, Nancy! It is no good thing at all. The Brigantes have always been sworn enemies of my Selgovae tribe.

Your enemy? If he’s your enemy, how did the two of you meet?

When I first met Lorcan I was having a problem with a wild boar.

My goodness, that sounds nasty. Was it chasing you?

Yes, indeed. It pursued me till I almost dropped of fatigue. I’d thrust my spear deep into its hide, and I’d plunged my short sword in its flanks, but to no avail. Though I’d maimed the creature, it was such a fearsome one it still had enormous energy, and chased me through the forest near to the lands of Rigg.

Rather you than me. How did you mange to escape from it?

I scrambled up a young tree, no more than a sapling, really. But that meant I was still doomed to be gored by its mighty tusks, because it was not a strong place of refuge. The mighty boar was battering the tree down, and had almost succeeded, when the Brigante came.

What did Lorcan of the Garrigill do if he’s your enemy?

I didn’t know he was a Brigante at first, since all I heard was his booming voice. He concealed himself in the scrubby bushes in the forest glade. I feared him tremendously for a little while. His shouts were so derisive of my prowess with my weapons, and he cruelly mocked my warrior status. His mockery made me believe him to be Cernunnos, our god of the Forest.

I’m not sure I understand that. If it had been Cernunnos, wouldn’t a god have saved you without all that nastiness?

Never think that! Our god Cernunnos is a fickle god. Sometimes he is good to people in his forest, but, at others, he can deal horribly with you. I was so fearful I thought disembowelment would be my fate.

That’s disgusting. You’ll be glad that Lorcan was a real man, then?

I might have been had he not, then, taken me captive!

Since you’re sitting there with a big grin on your face that must have led to something good.

I fear I cannot say, Nancy. I would not divulge the entire story just, yet, though I may tell Babette, and her blog visitors, that Lorcan took me off to his hillfort of Garrigill. At first, I tried to escape, but it was not possible.

I caught a glimpse of Lorcan of Garrigill. He is a gorgeous hunk of man, all dark and strong, and powerful- like Viggo Mortensen. Those eyes of his are mesmerising, Babette, and his way with his sword would make anyone swoon. It makes me sweat just thinking of what else he could do. Don’t you think he is a really good looking man, Nara?

Lorcan of Garrigill is a very fine looking warrior but his brothers, especially Brennus, are even more handsome than Lorcan is. Though younger than the other two sons of Tully, Brennus is the tribal champion. He is the tallest, strongest and most blonde warrior-a full head taller than most warriors of Garrigill.

Does that smirk on your face mean you like Brennus more than Lorcan of Garrigill?

That would be telling you my entire story. I like Brennus very well, indeed. Gabrond, also. But there is just something about Lorcan that makes the blood sing in my veins and sets my heart to thumping a merry tune…

Do you still want to escape from Lorcan?

For a while I did…but after our first k…

Okay! TMI! The rest of your delightful info on Lorcan of Garrigill will just have to be read in The Beltane Choice.

Thanks for having us today, Babette. I’m taking Nara off for a cup of coffee, but we’ll be around, later, to answer all those nice little questions about Lorcan of Garrigill and his brothers.

Release day bonus! One lucky commenter will receive a PDF copy of The Beltane Choice!

The Beltane Choice can be purchased from:


Bio: Author Nancy Jardine

A former Primary teacher, Nancy Jardine lives in the picturesque castle country of Aberdeenshire, Scotland, with her husband who feeds her well or she’d starve! Ancestry research is one of her hobbies, as is participating in exciting events with her family which drag her away from the keyboard. In her large garden she now grows spectacular weeds, which she’s becoming very fond of! She cherishes the couple of days a week when she child-minds her gorgeous granddaughter.

Nancy can be found at:


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16 thoughts on “Interview With Nara from The Beltane Choice by Nancy Jardine”

  1. Morning, Babette! I’m having a lovely one already., and I hope you will too. The sun is shining on this momentous day for me. I’ve been so keen to get my first historical novel published and now it HAS happened. 🙂

  2. Love the time period–and the concept, not to mention the cool title!
    Best of luck with this, Nancy. And thanks, Babette, for another great blog. Added to my MR list 🙂

  3. Sounds like you have another hit on your hands Nancy. I’ve never read anything set in this early time period. Does it predate Pillars of the Earth? Hmm. Been a long time since I read that book. But I loved it. Bet I’d like your book too.

    1. Hi Lily, It is set in A.D. 71 in Celtic Britain. The first Roman conquering blasts were around the mid 50s A.D. so the Romans had settled in southern England around two decades before. If you’ve heard of the Celtic Queen Bouddica she was already dead and her tribe defeated before my novel starts. I think Pillars of the Earth is medieval (11/12th century) and much later than my setting-if you’re talking about the series I saw on TV. I’d love it if you like my book- I’m biased and think it’s great. *blushes here* Thanks for popping in.

  4. I’m saying goodnight, Babette. Thank you so much for hosting me on this special day for me It’s been fantastic having everyone’s support. I’ll pop back tomorrow in case I missed anyone. (If I do thank you in advance..or is it arrears.. I’m not sure) :-))

  5. Sorry to turn up late – hope you had a wonderful release day and many sales! I loved the interview, and also the trailer. Wishing you much future success

  6. Well, it seems you’re never too late, hywela Lyn, since your name is the one that came out of the hat as my winner for today. Congratulations!… and my thanks to all who popped in. Thank you, too, Babettte for inviting me to visit. It’s been fantastic!

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