Monday Cheer

Monday Cheer – Blue Screen of Death


Have you backed up your files today?

Well, I know I have been posting irregularly for the past few weeks. My mom’s move to her new home was a success. I love the new house. I could move there quite happily.

Unfortunately, while I was there, my laptop died – hard drive AND the screen was going. Yeesh.
Fortunately, all of my work was backed up.
Unfortunately, most of it was inaccessible.
Fortunately, I now have a new netbook and the laptop is still under warranty.

I’m home now and the laptop is headed off to the shop. I’m trying to adjust to the new computer, get programs installed and get all my stuff reorganized. My files are all on the new machine and I have a new backup routine.

I need a new way to save all my bookmarks on Firefox. It’s been a pain trying to find the more obscure sites I once just clicked an icon to get to.

My writing has been slow as molasses. I have Word 7 on the netbook which is taking some adjustment to as I have used Wordperfect practically since it first came out. I’m finding a few things I like about the Word7 but I miss working with the ease I did on Wordperfect.

So, really, have you backed up your files today?

2 thoughts on “Monday Cheer – Blue Screen of Death”

  1. Yes, I have. With that neat little Dropbox thing you told me about. Good thing too since this old and ancient beast is starting to need some work and my plug and play for all my flash sticks (and well, anything else for that matter) refuse to work. *grumble*

    I hope your computer troubles end soon.

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