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Monday Cheer – Never Alone

This is so true-

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I’m on summer break, so that means I’m home, in the office, writing as much as I can. My dog and three cats are loving this.

Normally, they all have their favorite place to hang out in the house. Gracie the Fat Cat is a loner (we should have named her Marlene) and likes the kitchen, Pookie likes the livingroom and Mittens is usually in my office or bedroom and of course, Harry the dog is always with me.

However, I moved some of the furniture around in my office two weeks ago, and apparently I disturbed the balance of the universe, because now they are all in my office, with me, everyday. That Gracie has abandoned her strategic food bowl position is simply amazing. Unfortunately, she has decided the new best place is right behind the rollers of my desk chair. Pookie has discovered the joys of sprawling out on my desk. He gave me quite a look this morning for my having dared to leave my notebook and papers in his place this morning.

Maybe they’ve decided I’ve needed extra supervision to get these stories finished.

What habits do your pets amuse you with?

2 thoughts on “Monday Cheer – Never Alone”

  1. it’s funny how little it takes to rock their world. My cat saw me on the porch outside cleaning yesterday and completely freaked out, that someone he knew could be in that world

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