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Writing Prompt – I Burn


Writing Prompt: An interesting photo to prompt your imagination today. You could write a descriptive passage, an action scene, a poem, your character’s reaction to seeing this scene, or perhaps answer why he burns. A dream? A fire mage?

A frame of adamant, a soul of fire,

Samuel Johnson, Vanity of Human Wishes [1749], l. 191

Pain wanders through my bones like a lost fire;
What burns me now? Desire, desire, desire.

Theodore Roethke, The Marrow [1964], II

What the hand dare seize the fire?

William Blake, The Tyger, St. 2

Photo: Sulaco229

3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt – I Burn”

  1. I won’t even go into detail about the scary thought I just got related to my arson story.

    Thanks, I need to add to my NaNoWriMo draft.

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