Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt – The Magic Touch

playingwithlightbythiagors424298-mediumNow in ye bough an elfe there dwelte,
An elfe of wondrous powere,
That when ye chillye snowe didde pelte,
With magic charm each flake didde melte,
Didde melte into a flowere;
And Spring didde wake and marvelle how,
How blossomed so ye leafless bough.

Oliver Herford (1863-1935), Why Ye Blossome Cometh before Ye Leafe

A magic touch. With it we can have a fantasy or paranormal character heal, transform, destroy, sense a thought, read a past or a future, and more. The touch can be for good–a kiss bringing Sleeping Beauty to life, melting snowflakes into petals, or for ill–King Midas turning his beloved daughter to a pretty golden statue.

What is your favorite character or tale with some magic touch? What do you enjoy most employing magic by touch in your stories?

Writing Prompt: In a 15 or 20 minute writing sprint, gift a character with a magic touch.

Things to think about: What can the character do? Is the power a blessing or a terrible bane? What does it cost them to use this gift. What do those around them think of their ability? Are they born with it or did they seek it out? Have they had it long or are they new to it? Are they a master or a novice or completely hopeless at the skill? Is the situation serious or, as it is April Fool’s Day today, comedic?

Photo: Thiago Rodrigues da Silva

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