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Monday Cheer – I Shall Name This Place–Err–Rename…

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Well, I changed the name of my blog. And picked a pen name.

I’ve been debating these two items with myself since August and I’ve had the worst time making up my mind. (I’m terrible at restaurants with a menu, as well.)

I wanted a pen name, even though I’m not published yet, as it seems more appropriate to keep writing and private lives separate. My mom will be happy with my using Babette. I have to say, however, it feels odd calling myself something different, even if the name is is made up of my real middle name and my husband’s first name.

I had really liked my original blog name More Than Magic, as it fit my writing and it’s a working title for one of my novels, but I found it was a name already being used by several other entities and things, so it needed changing. Of course, now I’m having doubts about the new name Perhaps Magic. At least it’s not common and it looks pretty in the header. lol.

How did you come up with your pen names and website names?

1 thought on “Monday Cheer – I Shall Name This Place–Err–Rename…”

  1. I like it. You’ll grow into it. It has to settle. I picked my pen name based on my RL middle name and the common mispronunciation of my RL last name. As for my website, It’s called by my name with my tag: “The Heart in History.” Which really suits me. I love history, and historical romance. I almost vaporlocked though, when I realized the RWA Hearts Through History was so similar. (btw, I may be joining that in a few months.)

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