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Inspiration – Callanish Stones

The Callanish Stones (or “Callanish I”), Clachan Chalanais or Tursachan Chalanais in Gaelic, are situated near the village of Callanish (Gaelic: Calanais) on the west coast of the isle of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides (Western Isles), Scotland.

Construction of the site took place between 2900 and 2600 BC, though there were possibly earlier buildings before 3000 BC. A tomb was later built into the site.

Local tradition says that giants who lived on the island refused to be converted to Christianity by Saint Kieran and were turned into stone as a punishment.

Another local belief says that at sunrise on midsummer morning, the “shining one” walked along the stone avenue, “his arrival heralded by the cuckoo’s call.”

(Info.: Wikipedia)

Photo: Sarah and Iain, CC-By

1 thought on “Inspiration – Callanish Stones”

  1. Hello to a fellow writer. I was drawn here by the Calanais tag (I visited Calanais once- there are some pics on my blog) and then I had a look around – I was impressed by the snow. You seem to be a creative writer – with lots of stories in you.

    Best wishes

    Harry Nicholson

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