Deeper Than Bone, Mayke It Happen

Mayke It Happen Progress- Week 1

Mood: Frustrated

Well, the story is fighting me.

I did well on word count on Sunday and Monday, making my quota plus each day.

Tuesday and Wednesday I had no real writing time and I was dead tired after two busy days, so nothing.

Thursday I made the day’s quota, and little over, but I’m not overly enthused with the passage I wrote.

Friday and Saturday I made  my quota, plus some to make up for the no count days, thanks to the ladies over at the Romance Divas chat. I made some progress on a scene I was avoiding.

Part of my problem is that Deeper Than Bone  needs serious organization. DTB was my 2007 Nano and a complete Pantser project that grew like Topsy. And looks it. I have a beginning, I have some middle and I have an end. Which things are all to the good, of course, but I need to start enforcing some order here. Then there’s the plot holes and dangling threads.

DTB is also pushing me way out of my comfort zone on several levels. A good half of the story is set contemporary Earth,  so there’s modern police/hospital research I still have to do. Then there’s the whole other issue of  my characters making life difficult by being a little more, ahem, all right, a whole lot more romantic shall we say, than I normally write.

So, at the end of week one for me, I’m good on word count, but the story is a tangle. Sigh.

What do you do when your story emulates a bowl of spaghetti?

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