Decisions, Decisions

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Well, I had just tidied up most of this blog and was fairly happy with the Neat theme with all its dark blues. Then WordPress had to publish its new Vigilance theme today.

Vigilance has a few things I wanted that Neat didn’t and Neat has some things I like that Vigilance doesn’t. I really liked the header text and the cozy dark blues and flowers of Neat, but the columns were narrower than I liked. Vigilance seems awfully bright with all the white. I think Vigilance will be easier on the eye to read with its serif font and wider columns. I also like having the page tabs up in the header, rather than the tiny links in a page widget.

I’m going to give this theme a try. Of course, changing made some of my formatting go all wonky and I had to change my header picture because the wider format made the best resolution I could find of my favorite picture pixilate.


If you happened to have seen my site with the Neat theme before, let me know which you like better. Thanks.

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