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funny pictures of dogs with captions

Keeping in the theme of the new year and resolutions–or at least of accomplishing that which needs to be done.

Persistence definitely applies to writers. Digging deeper, most definitely.

Dig deeper to write the better story. Dig deeper to raise the emotions. Dig deeper to bridge or fill the plot holes. Dig deeper to reach the end.

Lol. Dig deeper and not curse when I hit update post and the lovely, fairly intelligent paragraph I just typed in this spot completely disappears and there’s no auto-save of it to be found. Sigh. Oh, well, another day.

And some days digging deeper is just so hard. I know I have to write, but there’s work to go to, grades to do, the laundry, the car inspection, supper, the cat wants lap time.  My students keep sharing their colds with me.

I’m making progress with setting up this blog. I’ve added pages and pictures. So far I’ve kept to a good routine of posting something cheerful every Monday and a writing prompt every Wednesday, a picture, with a question or sentence starter. I hope to add another regular post to the week in the near future. I’ve been learning some of the little tweaks I can do with html. It’s been time-consuming, but I’m pleased with the results.

I love comments!

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