Well, it’s raining, again.  Fay just keeps on giving. The flooding in St. Lucie West has subsided, but it’s still bad all around Florida. The pictures have been amazing. My mom had some water damage from a leaky window, but compared to others we’re in great shape. Here are a few photos I found online.

I submitted my entry to the OTFS contest today. I’m still stressing over some commas. The 20 page limit was killing me. On top of all the polishing, I found my document had a formatting mistake, probably from copying the document back and forth between three different computers, and so I had to cut another 18 lines today after I thought I was done with chopping. Ack! Thank goodness the synopsis was optional.

My MySpace page is slowly taking shape. A totally wonderful toy for procrastination. Yesterday I was giving nice little blurbs to each picture in the Picturetrail slideshow, merrily filling in tiny bites of Missing Magic, getting nicely reinspired to FINISH THE DAMN BOOK, and feeling generally pleased as punch with myself.  That is until I hit save, got the confirmation all my changes were saved, and— not one change was there. All gone.  It was time for a stiff drink.

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