Wild Magic

What’s Beauty to do when her prince in shining armor really is a Beast?

He has no face, no voice, no name, no memories, but he has rage, volatile shape-calling powers, and a mission: annihilate the enemy and repay his life debt to the Lord of Snow Mount. Then singer Tala Murtaugh wanders into his lair.

Always look before you leap, Tala’s father has told her once if he’s told her a hundred times, and always pack a toothbrush. This time, she agrees Dad’s always right, and she may have made a wee bit of a mistake in wanting that closer look at the world of her ancestors. Even if she did have that toothbrush, all of Dad’s advice couldn’t quite prepare her for real fire-breathing dragons, wolves, merciless enemies, matchmaking sprites, enchanted treasure, or most of all, the scarred and silent Guardian whose home she took refuge in. Having gotten past the Guardian’s magic barriers set to keep all intruders out, there is one barrier more to breach- the ward around his heart, and if there’s one thing Talulla has trouble resisting, it’s a call to adventure.

Blithe Tala is an innocent in his war and, unable to return her home to Earth, he undertakes to deliver her to the one man he trusts. The treacherous journey becomes a traumatic discovery of strengths and love, for himself and Tala. The journey leads them to Árd Aíbnius — and his lost identity: he is a prince of the land and heir to its king. As he struggles to build a new life with Tala out of the wreckage of the old, the betrayer who destroyed him strikes again, and using Tala’s love against him, initiates the final deadly acts of a long-choreographed plan of revenge — and an old prophecy. Raised to king out of the ensuing tragedy, he must reclaim his memories, and take command over his wild powers and the raging beast within, or lose Tala and the young High Queen to the enemy.
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