Rebel Magic

He only wished to serve his uncrowned High Queen and care for his family. Now, grieving and disgraced, Angus Doran follows a desperate cry for help across the ephemeral portal between worlds and ends trapped in the embattled Summerlands. His capture by the rebel leader Scatha of Snow Mount offers Angus the opportunity to seize a new life and take vengeance against the enemy who killed his wife. Soon love brings healing to both their broken hearts. But Scatha hides secrets that may cost all they defend. Even her name is a lie.
Angus has always followed his heart, but this time choosing love means defying the Queen he swore on his life to serve. But is the newly crowned High Queen the true queen or simply a sacrificial pawn in the millenniums-old discord between the Summerlands and the Winter Court? Angus knows the truth and someone wants him silenced.
Proclaimed renegades and enemies of the High Queen, Angus and Scatha must make their stand in the ruins of the ancient capitol against the armies of the fledgling High Queen and her Lord of War, King Marcán, for the truth, their people, their honor, and their unborn child.

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Top Photo: Tym Ex
Bottom Photo
: Nico van Diem

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