Missing Magic

3098007465_4150d027821 Destiny can be deadly when dreams come true.

A madman’s curse drives outlaw Finn macc Liamor on the quest to find the lost high queen of the Leannai and restore her magic to his war-torn world. The hunt leads him to the alien realm of 21st century Earth. Here his gift for Finding fails him and the long-cold trail ends without answers. Then a meeting with the enigmatic artist Annie Doran proves his mission is more than a fool’s dream and breathes new hope into his shuttered heart.

Annie pours her nightmares and sensual dreams into her art and hides her disturbing visions from her overprotective family. Then a quiet stranger inquires about her paintings. His touch soothes, and this time the voices whisper: he’ll listen, tell him all. A forbidden kiss changes everything.

But Finn’s enemies strike, plunging Annie into his dangerous quest. She learns her dreams mean more than madness. The visions also leave her torn between the outlaw Finn and the dark temptation of his vengeful brother. Pursued across two worlds, they race to unlock Annie’s spell-bound secrets and restore the queen before the treachery and magic legacy overshadowing their lives destroy them all.

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