Deeper Than Bone

O, what may man within him hide,
Though angel on the outward side.

An assassinated alien king and the human woman who befriends him struggle to discover the purpose of his incarnation in the body of a human police officer before he is murdered again.

Joahaal of Teras, King of the outlaw Abalsam, is the last survivor of twelve men remade by magic to oppose Queen Araitha-Zerah, the tyrant sorceress who rules their world of Iversare. Bound by honor to the mission he cannot fulfill alone, yet can never surrender, Joahaal has paid in blood and grief for his steadfast service through each incarnation over the long centuries. Peace may never be his, but he intends to savor vengeance against his renegade comrade, the Queen’s consort Bernilus, whose betrayal destroyed the woman they both loved.

Nothing ever happens in Boyd Harbor, New Jersey. That makes this quiet shore town exactly the haven Catherine Lecuyer needs. Cat has plans: run the coffee shop she inherited from Grandma, ignore the extrasensory abilities that have caused her nothing but grief, and build a peaceful, normal, life for herself. As for romance-–someday, when her head’s together and her roots are securely planted-–but most definitely not with any “man with a mission” alpha male like her father or her abrasive neighbor, police officer John Morris, whose bad-boy good looks and philandering ways fuel the coffee shop gossip mill.

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Top Photo: Andrew Bardwell CC-By-SA
Middle Photo: Adam Jackson
Bottom Photo: Dany Sabadini

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