What’s Next

Contemporary Romance

The River Series:

The hidden currents of love can sweep you away
to the most unexpected destinations.

Blame the Moonlight ~ The last thing this retired Navy chief needs is one more responsibility, but when he meets a sexy, stubborn, single mother, volunteering for extra duty takes on a whole new meaning when it’s love times two.

Heat Wave ~ An overwhelmed builder just wants an office manager who can bring some order to his chaos. He gets more than his office tidied when a rain-drenched waif on the run from her ex rocks his world.

Deep as a River ~ Changing life plans midstream is a challenge, but when two lonely people meet on a river cruise, it’s time to take a gamble on love.

His Girl Next Door Series:

Sometimes love is just around the corner.

Marrying Margo (Book 5) ~ Is she his biggest mistake or his best hope?

Enticing Eliza (Book 6) ~ Far more than the summer heat sizzles at the shore when a single mom starting over meets a single dad who swore never again.

Needing Natalie(Book 7)

Pleasuring Pia (Book 8)


Connections Series:

Changing planes, changing plans, finding love

Pink Sands ~ A broken promise, a chance encounter, and taking a risk bring Sylvie much more than a vacation fling.



Fantasy Romance

Once upon a time . . .

in lands not so far away, villains, dragons, enchantments, and secrets rule . . .
and a hero and heroine quest for their happily ever after.


Deeper Than Bone

Hunted Hearts Series

Fergal’s Enchantress

Aoife’s Dragon

Darach’s Mermaid

The Missing Magic Series:

Perhaps Magic

Missing Magic

Found Magic

Rebel Magic

Wild Magic

Rule of Magic

Journeys end in lovers meeting,

Every wise man’s son doth know.

Shakespeare – Twelfth Night, II, iii, 46


Come fall in love


Top Photo: Kathryn Radmall
Middle Photo: Omar Franco
Bottom Image: glitter-graphics.com