Excerpt, Summertime Dream

A Kiss from Summertime Dream

I have a little break from the blog tour today, so I thought I’d share a snippet from Summertime Dream. I had such fun writing the romance between Christopher and Margie.

The evening grew late and, as much as he’d like to drive and talk with her all night, he should be getting her home. “So, plans for tomorrow?”

“Dad and Joe will load the ladders on the truck for me and we’ll have tools. I’ll meet you at the house.”

“Tell them thanks for me. I really appreciate the help. What time?”

“I recommend early, maybe seven, so we get a cool start. You okay with that?”

“Perfect. I’m a morning person. Up with the birds.

Coffee or tea?”

“Coffee or I can’t start my day. I’ll bring us some.”

He winked. “I knew there was a reason I liked you.”

On arriving back at Margie’s home, he parked at the curb and turned off the engine. Nocturnal creaks and shrills of insects filled the dark. A dog barked somewhere in the neighborhood. The tranquil, deep night, empty of city sounds, reminded him again of nights at Mohave and the restful peace he found there.

Now, to say goodnight. He walked around and opened her door. This wasn’t a date. He was going to keep his hands to himself and he wouldn’t kiss her.

Best laid plans…

She caught his hand in hers and kissed his cheek. “I had a wonderful day. Thanks!”

From that innocent touch, his resolve shattered, and sliding his hand over her silky, wind-tangled curls and touching his mouth down onto those soft smiling lips of hers was as simple as his next breath. And as necessary.

She slipped her arms around him, her body pliant against his, and her welcoming sigh erased his last glimmer of restraint. Savoring her lips, tracing the seam of her mouth, brushing and tasting, relaxed and curious, coaxing her to open to him, taking it slow, long, and easy.

So much for remembering he was leaving on Sunday.


Summertime Dream and Clear As Day, Contemporary Romances by Babette James

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4 thoughts on “A Kiss from Summertime Dream”

  1. Awesome excerpt, Babette! I live where it’s summer practically all the time (read: drought) and one of my favorite singers Gordon Lightfoot has a song and album called Summertime Dream so I’m on top of this! Best wishes!

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