Clear As Day, Excerpt, Six Sentence Sunday

Just Teasing – Six Sentence Sunday

Another playful moment in  Clear As Day. I had great fun writing the secondary characters in this story and in this scene, Kay watches newbie Margie getting an up close look at a catfish for the first time:

“This one’s just a little baby.” Lloyd patted his “little baby.” The channel catfish weighed eight pounds, easy. “Have to be careful when you go swimming out in the deep water, Margie baby.” His voice dropped to a rolling old-pirate, tall-tale cadence. “They say there’s some out there a couple a hundred pounds, could just slurp a little thing like you right up.”

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Channel Catfish

(Luckily for Margie, the average channel catfish runs 2-4 pounds, with a top end size of 40-50 pounds. 😉 )

Photo: Brian Gratwicke CC-BY-2.5 Wikipedia

31 thoughts on “Just Teasing – Six Sentence Sunday”

  1. 😆 Babette! Good thing that was a channel cat and not a mud cat. Around here, they do get big enough to slurp just about anything they want! I love your secondary characters. They add so much to your stories.

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