Clear As Day, Excerpt, Six Sentence Sunday

Little Comfort – Six Sentence Sunday

Nate’s attempt to talk things out stirred up their first argument and bad memories for Kay in Clear As Day and she doesn’t know how to handle his ultimatum or his attempt to make up:

His wet hair and beard randomly scattered cool droplets to drip and slip over her warm skin. She shivered from the drips, from frustration, and her traitorous body raised her lips to his. He kissed her again, and she opened her mouth to his. Kissing was safer than talking, but gave little comfort in her turmoil.

Things were changing, had changed. He had changed.

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Desert Moon

13 thoughts on “Little Comfort – Six Sentence Sunday”

  1. Haven’t we all been in that place in life when we’re not sure what to do – acting as if nothing has changed because we’re afraid of where life is leading? Thought provoking six, Babette. Nice.

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