Clear As Day, Excerpt, Six Sentence Sunday

Just Friends – Six Sentence Sunday

In today’s six, I thought I’d introduce my favorite secondary character from Clear As Day:

“So, Kay, ready to run off to Bora Bora with me?” Dave Knight called out. He sauntered over and caught Kay up in a hug that lifted her off her feet and then set her down with a smacking kiss. He flashed his wry, irresistible grin, his whiskey-brown eyes sparkling.

Kay laughed. He asked that every year. “Maybe next year, Dave.”

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Waterskier waterskiing

25 thoughts on “Just Friends – Six Sentence Sunday”

  1. From the sound of it, Dave can take whatever plans you have for him, and grin while overcoming them.

    1. Well-written and engrossing. Makes me wonder what about such a cutie would keep her refusing. 🙂 I’ve always wished I was light enough for someone to sweep me off my feet. Shucks!

  2. Dave Knight sounds like a VERY fun guy! I would also like to volunteer my services to accompany him to Bora Bora. LOL. Great six, thanks for sharing. 🙂

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