Clear As Day, Excerpt, Six Sentence Sunday

A Little Fooling Around – Six Sentence Sunday

Only three more days until Clear As Day releases on April 4!

In today’s six, plans for quiet evening of fishing are quickly abandoned:


He was all payback when they got inside the cabin, pausing only to click on the tiny fan on the mast support.They tumbled and squirmed into the close quarters of the v-berth, and he quickly had her stripped and writhing in pleasure. With much laughter, giggling and a few mirthful curses, they played and teased, scrambling to situate their bodies on the triangular bed, bumping elbows, knees, and heads into the walls and low ceiling.

One last wiggle on Kay’s part and Nate pinned her belly down with a victorious laugh. “Now, I’ve got you where I want you!”

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Sunset Sailboat

33 thoughts on “A Little Fooling Around – Six Sentence Sunday”

  1. Yeah, those V berths don’t leave much room for maneuvers but it sounds like Nate has things “well in hand.” 😉 Congrats on the upcoming release! May you have mega-sales!!!

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